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Vaccinations at The Natural Path

HCG Diet at The Natural PathAt this time, I am adding the service of vaccinations for several of the CDC recommended vaccines in a manner that reduces toxic exposure and provides support to the immune system through the process.  I will do my best based on availability to source vaccines that have the least amount of aluminum.  I will also do my best to source individual vaccines whenever possible.

From a public health perspective, I do see the benefit of using vaccines in healthy children.  I also feel it is important to source vaccines to minimize toxic exposure, to space them apart and support the immune system through the process.  I will provide information and fully support whatever vaccine choices that you make. I encourage all of my patients to make informed decisions.


Making the Vaccine Experience More Positive

  1. Vaccines can be scary for children and I will do my best to make this experience a positive one for your child. Our office is warm and inviting.  At The Natural Path, we will treat your child with utmost care and do our best to make the visit FUN!
  2. Vaccines can also hurt! Sometimes children feel sick or have achy muscles for days after. This can be a normal part of the process.  I suggest doing something special for your child after his/her vaccine … watching a favorite movie, having a special treat or taking a warm bath are nice options.  Keeping the experience positive helps with the healing.
  3. Avoid giving Tylenol/acetaminophen after vaccines. I know it is tempting to want to relieve pain or decrease the fever potentially caused by vaccines.  It is known that Tylenol significantly reduces glutathione levels which are needed for the immune system to handle the vaccine.  Instead use homeopathic remedies such as Belladonna and Ledum depending on the symptoms. If fever and/or pain reduction are necessary, try giving a small dose of ibuprofen.
  4. Epsom salt baths – With every bath, add 3 cups of Epsom salts. On the day of vaccination, add 6 cups of Epsom Salt to the bath to help with healing and to support detoxification.

Pre and Post Vaccination Support

I find it very beneficial to support the immune system throughout the vaccination process. This is very important as some vaccines can be a challenge to the immune system.  This support also helps the child respond more effectively to the vaccine, while assisting proper elimination of the ingredients in the vaccine that are less desirable.

Ideally, begin this protocol 2 weeks prior to vaccination and continue an additional 2 weeks after vaccination.  If you are doing a series of vaccines your child may remain on this protocol for several months

  1. Vitamin C – 1000 mg/day. These can be in powder, liquid, capsule or gummy forms.
  2. Vitamin D – 2000 IU/day. This is best in capsule or liquid form.
  3. Magnesium Glycinate Liquid (Genestra) – ½-1 tbsp/day (125-250mg)
  4. VitaMineral Greens (HealthForce Super Foods) – 1 tbsp added to smoothies daily
  5. Vitamin A – 10,000 IU/day; this can be in capsule or liquid form
  6. Sublingual Liposomal B Complex Spray (Nutrasal) – 1 spray under tongue daily


It is an honor to care for your child during this process.  My goal is to help “vaccine hesitant” parents feel more comfortable with vaccinations and to also approach vaccination in a more holistic manner.  My office is a safe place to ask vaccine related questions including any medical concerns.  I am committed to providing your child with excellent care and work together with you to achieve your child’s optimal health and well-being.

If you choose to vaccinate with us at The Natural Path it is important to know that we do not bill any insurance policies at our office. The expense will be out of pocket.

My personal story: In 2013, my oldest child had a reaction to his 2nd DTaP vaccine that left him with neurological tics and a TH2 dominant immune system. We have since worked hard on regulating his nervous system and his immune system.  With my younger son, I chose to wait to vaccinate until we could clearly see that his nervous / immune systems were strong.

As a mother of a child with a rather sever vaccine reaction, I can still see the benefit of vaccinating children from a public health perspective. My youngest child is nearly fully vaccinated and my older child will begin this process very soon with a lot of immune support and careful attention to any reaction.  It can be scary to consider vaccinating after your child has had a reaction. For this reason, I have decided to be a bridge for those who have vaccine hesitations.  I promise to offer my full support to you and your child through this process.


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