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Happy Semaglutide Patient

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semaglutide weight lossI love hearing from my patients as they journey through our program using Semaglutide as a tool to reset habits and patterns with food. To say I am impressed with this medication is an understatement. Luckily, I see very few side effects outside of the occasional mild nausea in my patient population.   The positive benefits that I see day to day are amazing. I have worked hard to create a Semaglutide program at The Natural Path where my patients feel supported. The design of the program is to create a lifestyle diet so the impact of weight loss is maintained!  So far, most maintain their weight when shifting off of the medication.

Dr. Cara,
Oh, what an amazing week this has been!! Blood pressure is down so much had to cut back on my medication!!  Blood sugar has been amazing!! No cravings, nothing out of the ordinary for hunger.
I am learning how lost I really was in regard to food all of my life.  I was taught stuff that simply was not true for me. It may be fine for others but was not good for me. Intermitted fasting works so well for me!! Who knew?  I am down another 4.6 pounds for a total loss of 23.4.  I am now at 271.2 pounds.  I was looking back at my medical records and found that when I first started with Kaiser in March 2002, I weighed 266.8.  I am excited about meeting that weight again.
I have had no adverse side effects to the Semaglutide so far and have taken my first dose of .5.
My energy level is fantastic. My mood is fantastic. My life is looking up!  I am taking a trip to Colorado next month and am so looking forward to not having to use a seat belt extender on the airplane. My husband has been following the intermitted fasting along with me and he has lost 18 pounds.
Yes, I am crying as I am writing this, tears of absolute joy.
Thank you for helping me to become so much more self-aware.
These are the kinds of emails I receive weekly from my patients. It keeps me inspired to keep offering this program and encouraging my patients to work on a lifestyle diet so that this program can provide them with the gift that keeps on giving. Helping my patients to elevate their health to new heights is my intention in practicing medicine.
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