Maintain Weight Loss after Semaglutide

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I find that so many of my patients feel nervous getting off of Semaglutide once they reach their weight loss goal. Many tell me how amazing they feel and worry that might change once they go off of the medication. I gently encourage them to try maintaining the lifestyle diet they had incorporated throughout their Semaglutide journey and see what happens. Guess what … most maintain or continue losing.  It is SO important to practice a healthy lifestyle diet while using Semaglutide in order to maintain weight loss. The diet we recommend is 85-90% of the time so that you can still have your favorite things with some level of frequency.

Tips for Keeping the Weight off After Semaglutide

1.  Carbohydrates – Try getting most of what you need from low carb veggies. 

Semaglutide is successful for weight loss as it helps moderate the behavioral aspect of eating. Throughout my program, my patients practice a lifestyle diet where most of their carbohydrate intake comes from low-carb veggies. These carbs add up pretty quickly. Grains and legumes are welcome too, but for many, they cause an elevation in blood sugar and, therefore, insulin. We see this when we look at the results of those who wear continuous glucose monitors.

2. Make a Plan To Move More – EXERCISE!

It is a universal truth that people need some amount of exercise to be healthy. Exercise is also one of the steps to keeping weight off after stopping a semaglutide. Our bodies were meant to MOVE. I like to say, “Consistency over time progresses.” Do something every day, and the results will follow. You can start by making small changes to increase your daily movement, like taking the stairs and walking every day. When you feel ready, you can move on to more intense workouts that suit you.

3. Make Sleep a Priority

Studies have shown that lack of sleep:

  • Increases your hunger
  • Inhibits blood sugar control

Getting a healthy amount of consistent sleep each night is essential not only to avoid weight gain after taking a semaglutide but also to your overall well-being.

4. Intermittent Fasting

Intermittent fasting involves scheduling meals to cycle between voluntary fasting and non-fasting over a pre-determined period of time. For some, this can be helpful in maintaining weight after stopping a semaglutide. There are many ways to modify this process.

5. Focus on Health, Not on Weight

My whole intention in helping my patients through my Semaglutide program is to help them feel like the BEST versions of themselves. Health is wealth and an anti-inflammatory diet will serve us as we age!  Your physical and mental health are essential to living better and longer, and that’s what your focus should be on when it comes to diet and exercise.


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