PRP/ACell for Hair Regeneration

At The Natural Path, we have been using a combination of PRP with ACell successfully for hair restoration. PRP with ACell technology is an exciting, non-surgical therapeutic option for patients who require hair growth stimulation. PRP and ACell work together to preserve and stimulate hair growth in patients predisposed to hair loss. This combo works at the cellular level to repair and remodel damaged tissue.

In this procedure, a patient’s blood is drawn and the platelet rich plasma is separated and activated with a specific centrifuge. The activated PRP is combined with ACell and injected into the scalp to stimulate inactive or newly implanted hair follicles into an active growth phase.

For most patients, PRP for hair regeneration is administered in 3 treatments that are each spaced 6 weeks apart.  Six months after your first treatment, we will assess the progress of the therapy.  PRP takes 3 months to show its full effects. If improvement is seen at the 6 month follow up visit, we suggest a maintenance of 2 hair restoration procedures each year.