Semaglutide Program for Weight Loss Maintenance

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Sample Weekly Email to my Semaglutide Patients:

SEMAGLUTIDEHello!  I hope you are doing well on your program this week and finding a good groove with creating/maintaining the lifestyle diet. I must reiterate the importance of dialing in the recommended food plan (or some version) as your “lifestyle diet” 85-90% of the time. This is truly the KEY to maintaining your weight loss. That is what I want most for you.  In the 3 years that I have been deeply studying Semaglutide and created our Semaglutide program at The Natural Path, I only become more and more impressed.

Also, an anti-inflammatory diet will be the best gift you can give your body through aging.   I know there can be days that feel like more of a challenge and others that feel like a “walk in the park.”  Of course, we need a TREAT now and again too; the magic is in the balance. I know for me, we eat our lifestyle diet at home and have a treat when we go out. It works best for us to do it that way! It also feels special.

Changing your Lifestyle for the Better with Semaglutide.

You are saying YES to new opportunities with your health and YES to new habits with food!

I am proud of you and here to support you anytime you need it … just reach out!

On the Semaglutide research front, it’s SO EXCITING! I love how researched this medication is becoming. I will elaborate more next week. I am learning a lot this week about how it works with dopamine. 


Everyone has a Unique Experience with Semaglutide

✨50% of my patient population finds that all cravings, food noise, and even some addictions/strong habits disappear.

✨The other 50% may wrestle with the cravings/food noise but find you eat less. 

✨Weight loss can be slow and steady! We celebrate 2-10 lbs per month, and stalls are normal.

Keep shining and stay positive! Reach out anytime if you need guidance or support. I love being here for you!


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