Effective Erectile Dysfunction Treatments

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Believe it or not, Viagra/Cialis only treat your symptoms not the cause

Low testosterone levels can produce challenges that interfere with sexual health and function for men. Optimizing testosterone function is an important step in achieving sexual wellness. A recent study revealed that 40% of 40 year old men experience erectile dysfunction. This number creeps up with age and is even higher for men who have heart disease, diabetes, poor eating habits and/or take certain medications. In our office, we see a high percentage of male patients with erectile issues.

Dr. Madda works closely with male patients suffering from erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation, Peyronie’s disease, low testosterone, low libido and men seeking to enhance their sexual performance.

Treatment Options for Erectile Dysfunction

Testosterone Optimization

Low testosterone is often part of the aging process. As hormones begin to decline, we often see a decline in libido and sexual function. Low T can also contribute to erectile dysfunction.  The great news is that hormones can be restored to optimal levels and symptoms can improve. Dr. Madda has been extensively trained in bio-identical hormone optimization for men, as well as other effective therapies to help with ED.

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The GAINSWave™

The GAINSWave™ is an evidence-based, alternative treatment for erectile dysfunction or ED. The key to satisfactory erectile function is optimal blood flow within the erectile tissue. The GAINSWave™ uses pulsed energy waves to open and repair aging blood vessels and increase blood flow to the penis. Oral ED medications, such as Viagra, are designed to improve blood flow. However, they are not indicated for all men and have many harmful side effects.

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The P-Shot™

Dr. Robert Madda N.D is one of a select group of doctors with extensive training in the P-shot™ or Priapus shot procedure. The P-Shot™ is unique in that it harnesses the power of PRP or platelet rich plasma to offer improved erectile function, greater penile sensation, increased stamina and improved sexual health.

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2 P-Shots™ Treatments

6 GainsWave™ Treatments

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