FAQ About Hormone Pellet Therapy

What is bio-identical hormone pellet therapy and how does it work?

Bio-identical hormone pellets are a very effective way to optimize hormone levels in the body. Most of our patients find this to be a preferred method of delivery due to ease and effectiveness. The hormone pellet is placed just under the skin and consistently releases a physiological dose of bio-identical hormones to provide optimal results. Hormone pellet therapy has been used in medicine since the 1930’s. In the past decade, it has made a strong resurgence in the medical world due to its safety and efficacy. A unique feature of the pellet is that hormone levels stay consistent over a 3-5 month period. Most other methods of hormone delivery will have an up and down effect on hormone levels throughout the course of a day.

How are bio-identical hormone pellets implanted?

The bio-identical hormone pellets are made by a reputable compounding pharmacy with strict control of dosage and sterile procedures. The size of the pellet is similar to a grain of rice. After a local anesthetic, the procedure is virtually painless and takes only a few minutes.

Why patients prefer bio-identical hormone pellets?

Patients prefer hormone pellets over hormone injections, creams & oral preparations because they last for several months and the hormone delivery is very consistent.  It is more convenient to come to the office for the bio-identical hormone implant procedure every 3-5 months than it is to take a daily cream, pill or receive a weekly injection.

Who is a candidate for bio-identical testosterone pellet implantation?

During a comprehensive initial consultation, Dr. Madda will review your health history, current symptoms and request a comprehensive blood work panel. With this information, Dr. Madda will help to identify the root cause of any imbalance and effectively address concerns through a customized treatment plan that may include hormone pellet therapy.

The dosage of the testosterone pellet is based on lab results and the goal is to use only what is needed to restore hormone balance.

Why is estrogen not routinely used in pellet therapy for women?

In most cases, it has been shown that peri/menopausal symptoms are relieved with a low dose of testosterone alone. Bio-identical testosterone delivered by hormone pellet therapy is an extremely effective therapy for peri/menopausal symptoms without the side effects of estrogen.

Testosterone pellet therapy is advocated by many oncologists and breast cancer surgeons as a safe method of hormone replacement. It is known that estrogen can be a cell proliferator and is not necessary in all female hormone replacement protocols. The female body has the ability to convert testosterone into estrogen as needed. For some women, estrogen does provide added benefit. In these cases, we compound bio-identical estrogen into our hormone pellets.

Is bio-identical hormone pellet therapy safe?

This form of hormone replacement is extremely safe.  Even with a history of breast cancer or prostate cancer, studies show that testosterone can be used safely and effectively.