Enhancing Sexual Wellness for Women

At The Natural Path, we offer effective solutions in helping women increase their sexual desire, sexual performance and sexual pleasure.

Female sexual desire often goes hand in hand with hormone levels. As the hormones begin to decline, so does sexual desire. The good news is that there are many effective treatment options.

Testosterone Pellet Therapy for Women

If hormone levels are declining, testosterone pellet therapy can be a key component in achieving optimal sexual health for menopausal or post-menopausal women.

The O-Shot™

Dr. Cara Phillipo and Dr. Robert Madda have had extensive training using the O-shot™ procedure. The O-Shot™ is a cutting edge therapy for female sexual wellness that utilizes the power of PRP or platelet rich plasma to rejuvenate vaginal tissue. The O-Shot™ regenerates vaginal tissue resulting in improved lubrication, increased sensitivity to stimulation and improved orgasm. The O-Shot ™ is also helpful for women dealing with urinary incontinence and lichen planus.

What does the O-Shot™ do?

The O-shot™ will accelerate the regeneration of healthy tissue, stimulate collagen and improve local blood vasculature. Overall, this therapy results in increased blood flow and regeneration of the vaginal tissue, while offering strong, reliable orgasms and increased sensation in most female patients.
The O-Shot ™ is also incredibly helpful for women dealing with urinary incontinence and lichen planus.

How long does the O-Shot™ take? Is it painful?

Generally, from start to finish, the O-Shot™ procedure takes less than an hour. The majority of the time is spent spinning your blood in our state of the art centrifuge that is specifically designed for PRP procedures. The injection takes less than 5 minutes and most patients feel little to no discomfort. The benefits of the O-shot™ will last for about 1 year in most patients.
If you are a woman suffering from infrequent orgasms, a low sex drive or discomfort during sex, the O- Shot™ could be an effective treatment for you.