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A Patients Experience With the Testosterone Pellet!

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Testosterone pellet therapy for hormone optimzationHi!  My name is Kathy K. and I have been a patient of Dr. Madda’s at The Natural Path since 2011.  Due to very heavy, painful periods, ovarian cysts and abnormally large uterine fibroids, I had a full hysterectomy at the age of 36.  After my hysterectomy, my life changed dramatically.  Honestly, I felt like a whole different person.  I began perceiving so much of my life as stressful, I could not sleep, my energy was low and it seemed I had lost my zest for life.  My MD had tried a myriad of bio identical hormone prescriptions for me.  They helped me a little bit and for that I was grateful.  Finally, a friend referred me to Dr. Madda at The Natural Path.  I went in and immediately felt as if there was HOPE for me.  It was such an inspiring feeling.

 Getting Ready for the Testosterone Pellet

Under Dr. Madda’s care, we did extensive blood work  that no other doctor had recommended. After getting the results, we worked to address my thyroid, adrenals, vitamin/nutrient  levels, as well as, my hormones.  It was amazing to have a doctor who would explain everything to me in ways that I could understand.  It really helped me to understand what was happening in my body.  After reviewing my symptom picture and lab results, Dr. Madda suggested I try  bio identical hormone replacement therapy using a low dose testosterone pellet implant.


The Benefits Of Testosterone Pellet Therapy


Last year, I got my first testosterone pellet.  Wow … what an unbelievable  difference this testosterone pellet has made in my life.   I truly feel better than I did when I was in my 30’s.  I feel more relaxed in being me and a lot more outgoing! My outlook on life is upbeat, fun and relaxed.  I have more energy than I ever recall having.  I sleep like a baby after dealing with insomnia and night sweats for a couple years.  I also have a stronger libido which has strengthened my relationship with my husband.   I just got my 3rd pellet.  I go in for a testosterone pellet implant every 4-5 months.  Blood work is done in the middle of each “round” to monitor my hormone levels.

If you have hormonal issues and are peri menopausal or menopausal I highly recommend this therapy.  I also cannot recommend Dr. Madda enough.  He has helped me and my entire family with so many health issues.



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