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Cultivating Positive Habits is Great for your Health

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Eight Positive Habits to Cultivate

Stay positive. Stay grateful. Your life will be more joyful. At The Natural Path, we encourage all of our weight loss and hormone patients to tune into gratitude each and every day. Even just for a few minutes.  When it comes to addressing personal and lifestyle habits, you may be tempted to look at what is wrong with the way things are progressing instead of building on the high points.

If you want to improve your daily joy barometer, consider focusing more on the positive changes you can bring instead of the negative behaviors you need to eliminate. If you focus on the positive that will inspire you to be excited about letting the “bad habits” go. Below are a short list of ten positive practices you can incorporate into your life starting now!

Bring These Positive Habits into your Life

1. Reach out to loved ones. Countless studies have shown that relationships matter when it comes to improved health and higher levels of happiness. Don’t wait for friends and family to get in touch with you; make the first move yourself. It is empowering to share your struggles and your joys in life with others who are going through the same experiences or who can relate to what you’re going through.

2. Allow yourself the gift of a short power nap if needed. This is not a sign of laziness. Instead, a well-timed nap can give you a much-deserved rest and help to revitalize your brain. Taking time out to rest will reduce your stress levels which may very well improve your heart health. As an additional boost, be sure to get a full and restful night’s sleep every night.

3. Eat one nutrient dense meal today that consists of clean protein and yummy, fresh vegetables. You don’t need to maintain a perfect diet to lead a healthy life. But, you might be surprised at just how beneficial it can be to follow the Mediterranean style of eating at least part of the time.

4. Nourish your Intimate relationships.  Studies have shown that those who are connected tend to have longer lives. More than just close friendships, couple relationships build a sense of unity that can forge a stronger union for the long haul. Having someone who has the same stake in the game of life as you can help you when the going gets rough.

5. EXERCISE! Exercise has far-reaching benefits for your body and your mind. Even if you can only devote ten minutes to physical movement, do it. Once you start to realize how good it feels, you will be more inclined to spend more time in the future. Find some movement that you LOVE!

6. Keep  your alcohol consumption Moderate. If you drink too much, then slow it down. You don’t need to feel obligated to quit altogether. Studies show a moderate level of alcohol consumption can provide some health benefits. That’s no justification to start drinking if you don’t already drink, but you can relieve yourself of any level of guilt for responsible consumption.

7. Find a Spiritual Practice. Having a spiritual belief system can help you in a  way that is similar to meditation practices.    Some people find this same level of spiritual engagement through the practice of yoga, tai chi or different mind-body exercises. You are the only good judge of how you can best seek your spiritual level.

8. Let go of your anger! Let go of negative people in your life!  Anger and resentment offer far more damage to you than to the object of your animosity. Release the past and free yourself from the chains that hold you to the sources of anger.

The Great Habits of Life

Everyday life is a series of daily habits. Most people will acquire at least a few bad habits along the way that they would rather not own. Rather than focus on what is wrong in life and trying to eliminate it, it makes more sense to take a proactive approach and build on the positive and good changes you can incorporate into your life, ultimately crowding out the harmful elements.

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