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LIfe Expectency is Declining! Poor diet is most likely at the foundation!

Scientists have been predicting that the human life expectancy would begin to decline this century mainly due to disease states related to the obesity epidemic. I was surprised to see that this was happening NOW!  This decline in life expectancy is most commonly due to obesity related conditions such as Alzheimers, stroke, cardiac disease and diabetes.  A strong percentage of our youth are weighing in with obesity as a diagnosis. What does the future hold for these young people?

In my field of Naturopathic medicine, I spend most of my clinical time focusing on obesity and obesity related conditions.  What I find is that most of these issues are 100% reversible with a healthy diet plan and proper exercise.  I teach all of my HCG Diet  patients the physiology behind diabetes and metabolic syndrome and the enormous impact a constant sugar/carb load has on our bodies. I find that this education is needed and most of the time people do not understand the consequences of long-term sugar intake.



In our current day, childhood obesity is more prevelant than ever before in human history. It might be considered fairly normal for a 50 yr old to gain weight and become diagnosed with diabetes or heart disease by 60!  What happens when a child is obese by 8 years old?

If our children continue to eat diets high in sugar and sit in front of screens in place of moving their bodies, their lives can only be cut short.  Not only will they be cut short, they will also be lives that lack vitality and productivity.  This is very scary to me as a physician and a mother.  We really need to DO something about this and it is so reversible!  It all comes down to education about food, exercise and human physiology!

The toll this diabetes epidemic has on humans is horrific.  Economically, it is also quite massive. In 2005, medical costs reached 190 billion for diabetes and by 2020 it is predicted that this number will be close to 500 billion. This is just unacceptable!

As our diabetic, obese children grow into adulthood they will most likely not be able to be as productive as a healthier human being. Since over 20% of our children are obese this is a major problem for the future world economically!  The economy will clearly be strained as these sick people contribute to less worker productivity.


When will our government begin to open their eyes and look at our public health situation and do something about this? It certainly is not rocket science.  It comes down to food, exercise and education.

Unless we begin to change the course of this problem more and more people will suffer; life expectancy will decline and our economy will take a hit. Here are some places that could have some influence:


BEGIN WITH THE SCHOOLS. EDUCATE. FUND.  Our children deserve this information. Honestly, many children do not even know what healthy food is.  These children NEED higher quality food and daily physical education classes!!  They deserve this. This is the very least we could do for our future generations.
The food industry has huge influences over our politicians.  It is possible to have an independent commission in our government to help our national food policies which could help agriculture subsidies as well as the guidelines of national school food.  The food our children eat really needs to change and schools can have a big influence here.

Wouldn’t it be nice if we could put a tax on fast food! This money could then be used subsidize whole foods, fruits and vegetables into lower income communities
It is time to regulate food advertising!  Have you ever seen those commercials on TV that describe unhealthy food as being enriched with good nutrition?  In my eyes, this is a crime.  Basically, it is enticing young children to eat food which will in the end cause them to be obese and have diabetes (if eaten for long periods of time). If drug commercials have to list all the side effects in their product, I feel it is important for these food ads to mention that “eating this type of food on a daily basis has the potential to cause weight gain and diabetes among many other things.”
The NIH or National Institute of Health has been known to have sponsorships from the food industry. This means that there is a conflict of interest in food research and many studies are filled with bias.  If only our government would fund the NIH to perform studies and uphold their intention to serve public health.
My hope is that we can take some action in the years to come and reverse this prediction that our children will have shorter lives with more chronic disease than the current adult generation!

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