The Story of Leptin Resistance

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HCG DIET WEIGHT LOSSLeptin and leptin receptors have been identified as very important regulators of body weight and energy balance.  In some bodies, the tissue sensitivity to leptin decreases and this can lead to chronic obesity and metabolic disorders, including insulin resistance and elevated cholesterol levels.  Scientists are working to understand the underlying mechanisms of leptin resistance. The root cause of this issue can be mutations in the genes encoding leptin and its receptors.  There may also be issues with  proteins involved in the regulation of leptin synthesis, as well as,  blood–brain barrier permeability. At The Natural Path, we investigate leptin resistance as a possible cause of obesity with our patients undergoing our medical weight loss programs.

What is Leptin and Leptin Resistance

The Greek word for “leptin” is thin.  Leptin is a hormone that is secreted by our adipocytes  that regulates appetite.  If the body is resistant to leptin in any way, we often find the development of obesity, and the other co-morbid conditions that come with being obese.  Leptin and its receptors were identified as major regulators of body weight in the late 1990’s. When leptin is secreted by fat cells and levels rise in the blood stream our brain signals for a decrease in appetite and therefore helps to regulate body weight.  However, in obesity, despite increased leptin concentration, we find leptin resistance and the body does not have the same response.  Leptin resistance is thought to be due to  a defect in intracellular signaling associated with the leptin receptor or a decrease in leptin transport across the blood–brain barrier (BBB).


Helping Leptin Resistance

We still do not have any specific tests for humans to decipher the genetic issues that could create leptin resistance.  You can check your leptin level in blood; however, this may only tell one part of the story. It is really important if you suspect that you may have leptin resistance to lower inflammation in your body.  A clean, anti-inflammatory diet is crucial. It is also really important to get good sleep. Intermittent fasting and daily exercise can also help!

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