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The HCG Diet can be a Springboard into a Healthier way of living and eating

YOU are READY to have a healthy DIET as your LIFESTYLE!
You have made the commitment to change your diet and to incorporate a healthier way of living and eating. This has been something you have been wanting to do for many years now.  You are ready to make the change!  You know it might have some challenging moments but YOU can do it. Say YES to this!  It can add healthy years to your life.

Ready, Set, GO … it’s time to have that Healthy Diet!

This is a common conversation that I have with my patients. This is the kind of change that fuels me as a physician as I know that changing what you put in your body will have a significant impact on the health of your body.  My mission in my profession is to inspire my patients to be a better and healthier version of the themselves! I firmly believe that what is on the end of our fork is our most powerful medicine!


The HCG Diet program that I facilitate at The Natural Path is an amazing way to lose excess weight in a manner that is safe and effective.  However, to me this weight loss is a side effect and the real change that happens in the program is the healthier eating habits and patterns that are adopted by our patients.

It is SO rewarding to see my patients gain momentum as they get started on a new eating plan.  This is not easy for people by any stretch. Many of my patients come from a lifetime of poor eating habits and patterns.  I love being of service and holding their hand through the uphills of this positive change.



Let the junk food go ~this might be the biggest hurdle of all. However, if you have made the commitment to live in a healthier body and to adopt a way of living and eating that is FUNCTIONAL for the human body then junk food cannot be involved.  It will take 3-7 days for the cravings to go. I promise – it will be totally worth it!  You may not believe me, but in a few months, chopped cucumbers, celery and apples will sound like a great way to snack.



Make water the drink of choice ~ there is so much “junk” hidden in all those fancy drinks out there.  For some time, I encourage you to let anything go that is not WATER!  Water is all that we need.  You can add lemon to it or infuse it with mint and cucumber.  Go for tea, coffee and water for a good month!


Stay Motivated, Inspired and be Learning ~ If this change brings you pure misery then you will most likely fail. You need to stay MOTIVATED and INSPIRED!  You also need to keep learning and gaining knowledge about physical health topics that interest you.  This keeps you invested in body, mind and spirit and we need all of these parts of yourself on board to make a lasting change.


Get Familiar with what foods will be the main part of your Diet ~ go shopping and fill your cabinets with healthy proteins, grains and vegetables.  The nice thing is that you will have less choices to make. I always find it refreshing to simplify and I think you will too. Make a list of all the foods you can eat and plan out some snacks and meals that you will enjoy.


Healthy Snacks ~ create a list of healthy snacks that you will enjoy.  There are SO many!  I love snacking on sliced cucumber, celery and cherry tomatoes between meals.  You can also enjoy some fresh berries or a cup of Greek yogurt with stevia if you need sweetness. A nice cup of tea is always something that can be enjoyed.


Resisting the urge to eat until you are actually hungry ~ Hunger comes in many forms and most of the time it is psychological. We all eat when we are truly not experiencing hunger. One thing that I ask all of my patients to do is to ask themselves before they eat, “Am I really physiologically hungry?”  Often times, the answer is “no.”  When you are truly hungry, leptin levels are low and signal hunger which means your body is hormonally ready for food!

Overcoming mindless eating is a big hurdle for many patients.  If this happens, make a cup of tea, have some lemon water, clean your house, go for a walk, reach out to a friend, research something on your computer … just do something to change the channel of your mind.


Eat slower ~ The pace that we eat our food can have a true impact on the amount of food and number of calories that are consumed. Bring your brain on board when you are eating.and be aware of enjoying your food as you eat.


Prepare! Prepare! Prepare! ~ Rule #1! Always have “grab and go” containers of healthy food for you to take on the run or enjoy as you need to.  Trust me, this will save you from making bad choices over and over.


Enjoy the process of losing weight and bringing healthier habits into your life!  That is what this is truly all about.  Mentally prepare yourself and give it all you’ve got.  It can be hard to break old patterns and habits but trading in a  poor diet for a stellar one is so worth it.

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