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Affirmations and Staying Positive

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hcg diet portlandThe mind is an incredibly powerful tool!  The mind does not know the difference between past, present and future. The way we speak to ourselves and the thoughts that constantly run through our mind are predictors of how we feel and what we are manifesting in our lives.   Affirmations can help us to stay on track and attuned to a goal. They are often statements that we can recite, write down or read.  I highly suggest using affirmations on the HCG Diet program or any other weight loss program!

Affirmations and the HCG Diet Protocol

Affirmations can be a very effective tool in establishing your HCG Diet path and also in maintaining with your lifestyle diet in time.  When you create affirmations for yourself that align you to your personal goal you are becoming your own coach.  It may come as a big surprise how powerful affirmations can be when it comes to a complex psychological issue such as hunger.

Bringing Affirmations to Your Life

Have a seat and take some deep breaths.  Take a minute to fully align with a life goal that you are working towards. It could be weight loss, controlling anger, letting go of a past relationship, etc.

Create an affirmation that will help you to align with your goal in a positive way and bring it back into focus. Pause throughout the day and repeat your affirmation regularly.   I suggest stating your affirmation to yourself in the mirror when you wake up; again at red lights on your car commute and when going to sleep.

Here are some examples of affirmations for those who deal with food cravings or “appetite drivers.”

“My mind and body are strong and resilient.”

“When you have had enough food for the day; the perceived hunger will not hurt you.  If hunger comes, it will pass.”

“You can actually go days to weeks without food.  A few hours is truly no problem. I got this!”

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