Benefits of the P SHOT for Erectile Dysfunction

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The Many Benefits of the P-Shot with Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction is a common issue with men as they age. If you are one of the 18 million men struggling with this issue here in the US, there are many things you can do to be able to maintain a strong erection. This news is encouraging for many of our patients to hear. The P-Shot, also know as the Priapus shot is one modality that we have seen have consistent positive results in most of our male patients dealing with Erectile Dysfunction at The Natural Path. 

The P- shot is short for Priapus shot. Priapus is the Greek god of male regenerative power and sexual health. PRP, stands for platelet rich plasma. PRP is the  bioactive proteins derived from your own blood that are used to stimulate growth factors and cellular regeneration.  PRP can be injected into many parts of the body to heal wounds, regenerate joints/tissues.  It is also a key player to help many men  overcome sexual dysfunction disorders including ED and Peyronie’s disease.

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P -shot Portand

The P-shot therapy  involves taking a small amount of your blood, running it through a very specialized centrifuge  system that concentrated the platelets.  The growth factors unique to your own body are then injected into the penis with  to separate out the concentrated platelets, and then injecting them into the penis.

PRP comes from Your Own Body

Our bodies certainly do have the  ability to heal themselves.  The growth factors derived from your PRP are unique to your own body. These growth factors are then injected into the penis with a very tiny needle in very precise locations. Dr. Madda has perfected his technique over his years of clinical experience. On occasion, he will add HA filler to the penis as well to help increase sensation and function. Size can also be increased subtly; although, the intention of the procedure is to increase function.  The P-shot is safe, effective, and can stimulate cell regeneration without complications or surgery.

P-Shot BENEFITS and Procedure

Prior to your blood draw for P-Shot injection, an anesthetic cream is applied to numb the area being treated. This makes the procedure rather painless. This P-shot is also done within an hour in an office setting.  There is also no down time with the P-shot and you can resume activity as usual.

What can the P-shot do for you?

  • Stronger firmer erections
  • Easy to achieve erections
  • Increased penis length and girth (on some – our main intention is around optimizing function)
  • Improvement and sometimes resolution of Peyronie’s disease
  • Increased sensitivity
  • Improved endurance and stamina


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