Benefits of the P-SHOT for Erectile Dysfunction

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The P SHOT is a Very Safe Therapy for ED

P SHOT PORTLANDOne of the beautiful things about the P-Shot is that it is not harmful and it is incredibly effective.  PRP is made from your own body and therefore there is no worry of  rejection, allergic reaction, or contamination.  Many urologists even find this therapy to be as effective as vascular reconstructive surgery which is an ED therapy that involves rerouting arteries to the penis to improve blood flow. This surgical procedure is highly invasive and also involves a recovery time.  Some men choose to have surgically implanted devices to achieve erection.  These can be helpful but can also come with a lot of issues!

The P-SHOT Helps Erections Last Longer

Your penis has cells that act as valves to keep blood inside. Blood flow is crucial for maintaining strong erections.   PRP treatments restore the function of these cells which helps to provide you with longer-lasting erections. Those who deal with premature ejaculation along with ED, will likely see an improvement in sexual stamina after the tissue regenerating P SHOT using PRP.

The P SHOT can Give Stronger Erections

One of the first things patients notice after receiving the P shot is that the erections are harder and stronger.  As blood vessels regenerate, the penile blood flow will improve and lend to the effectiveness of the therapy.

Another wonderful thing about the P Shot is that the effect is almost immediate. However, that doesn’t mean it is the first to fade. Although the benefits of the P Shot do subside over time, most patients find that their erections maintain their strength for at least a year after the treatment.  We find many of our patients get a P SHOT once per year to maintain the effects.

An Easy Therapy with No Side Effects

I know it sounds painful … right?!  For most men, the discomfort is very minimal.  Local, topical anesthetic is applied to your genital area before any injections occur. Once you are numbed, we inject a local anesthetic to completely numb the area, both inside and out. Once the body is numb,  we administer the PRP.  It is common for our patients to come in nervous and leave smiling!

There are also no side effects!

Learn more about the P-SHOT here!

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