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The Benefits of Testosterone Replacement for Men and Women

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It is amazing how much testosterone levels can play a role in the aging body. Many of our patients benefit from optimizing Testosterone levels.

As many men and women approach mid-life, the experience of natural hormonal shifts can feel debilitating to their lives. We have seen many of these patients. They come to our office after many frustrating visits to doctors who simply cannot help them find a solution to the problem. Luckily, a few years ago, Dr. Madda was blessed to have mentors such as Dr. Mark Richards MD, Dr. Rebecca Glaser MD (breast cancer surgeon and oncologist) and Kathy Maupin MD introduce him to the benefits of low dose testosterone therapy for men and women during these times of hormonal change. The benefits have truly been life changing for many of our patients — they sleep better, enjoy sex again, have mental clarity and love the boost in energy. Not only that, labs improve in many ways.

A Few Things about Testosterone

In the medical world, testosterone has long been linked to men and considered a “male hormone.” There is truth in the fact that men have higher levels of testosterone in their physiology. However, testosterone decline in women is associated with many of the negative symptoms that come with peri menopause and menopause itself.

Like many hormones, testosterone is a hormone that affects every part of the body. In our office, we look at testosterone deficiency through symptoms, physical evaluation as well as medical lab testing. We also evaluate through medical history other causes of low testosterone such as medications that lower testosterone including some anti-depressants, some anti-hypertensives, birth control pills, some statins for lowering cholesterol, evista, Lupron, oral estrogens, steroids, oral provera and tamoxifen. Diabetes and Addison’s disease can also lower testosterone as well as the removal of the ovaries.

Many moons ago, women did not live nearly as long as they do today. In the 2000’s, women are living, working and being productive far beyond the reproductive years. The modern world is evolving at a much faster rate than human genetics. In many ways, hormone replacement can improve the quality of life for many patients as they age.

A Female Patient’s Experience with the Bio – Identical Testosterone Pellet

“As I began to go into peri menopause at 43 year old my life became kind of a mess. I had 4 children and a busy law firm. I began finding myself not sleeping well, feeling tired, moody and very forgetful. This all made my daily life challenging. I began to put on weight slowly (about 7 lbs per year) and that alone was making me feel depressed. I went to my MD and they gave me hormone replacement which helped a little but not much. I then saw 3 naturopaths in the Portland area and they all put me on different regimens of hormone replacement (bio identical) and adrenal and thyroid support after thorough lab testing. I went to see Dr. Madda at The Natural Path in January of 2015 and he sent me information about testosterone pellet therapy. It almost seemed to good to be true. We tested my levels and they warranted treatment. I went ahead and got the pellets and literally 3 nights later I began sleeping through the night, my energy returned, I began exercising, I enjoyed sex again. It was really remarkable to feel like myself again. Dr. Madda continues to monitor my lab work every few months. I am so grateful for this discovery. It has been a huge game changer for me and I feel like my “old self.”  I have referred many of my female friends and family to do the testosetrone pellet therapy over the past few years as well as many of my male friends and family to try testosterone optimization and everyone has been so grateful to me for leading them to Dr. Madda.”


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