Body Fat Percentages

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Making Sense of Body Fat Distribution 

HCG DIET WEIGHT LOSSWhen our patients come into our office to begin one of our medically supervised weight loss protocols using the HCG DIET METHOD or the SYNERGYrx method we do a detailed body composition analysis. This helps us to learn more about the unique body composition of each patient. It is also really rewarding to compare the before and after to see the amazing progress that most of our patients make through our protocols.

There are many different types of fat make up “body fat.”  Each type of fat has different functions. Body fat distribution varies from person to person  and even between men and women. The pattern of fat distribution can be an indicator of a predisposition to certain health conditions.

One common method that is used is to measure the waist-to-hip ratio to find either the apple or pear shaped body.

  • Android (apple-shaped) – body fat above the waist
  • Gynoid (pear-shaped) – body fat below the waist

Individuals with an upper-body fat pattern with the “apple” shape often have excess intra-abdominal fat.  This distribution of fat will significantly increase the risk for diabetes, ischemic heart disease, hypertension and even some cancers. What is your shape?  The good news is that with a reset of habits and patterns with food and some education on the physiology behind fat storage you can make changes!

What is Body Fat Percentage?

Body fat percentage is a measure of the total amount of fat on the body divided by the total mass of the body. The human body is composed of many different types of tissues, for example, fat, bone, and different types of muscle. Today, a great deal of focus exists on how much of the body is made of fat!  Obesity is becoming a huge problem in the US!  It is overwhelmingly high. They say the average American could go 80 days without food and live on the fat stores that they have.  Fat is actually a fuel source/

The Importance of Body Fat %

Our patients really enjoy knowing their body fat percentage as it provides them with a trackable health goal. You can also use  your body fat percentage to help identify health risks and give you motivation to take charge of your health!  It is always nice to see your hard work pay off!  We love our InBody 720 to help make these measurements for our patients

A Healthy Body Fat Percentage

You may be wondering what the ideal body fat percentage is for men and women. The recommended body fat % for men is 10-20%!  A recommended body fat percentage range for women is between 18-28 percent for goal setting.

The Myth of a Slow Metabolism

We hear it all the time that an overweight individuals supposedly have a “slow” metabolism and therefore the fat piles on quickly and easily!  This is really not true. There really are only 3 things that create fat storage — genetics, excess food intake, being more sedentary and losing muscle mass.

Genetic influences may be at play in how your body stores fat, yet it is really the caloric imbalance over time that is often responsible for your body weight gain.  In general, your metabolism does not slow down because you are getting older.   As we age, there is often a loss of muscle mass and a tendency towards a more sedentary lifestyle.  This situation could slow down metabolism.

This is good news for you if you are overweight, —you do have some control over both your muscle loss and your lifestyle and dietary habits.

Lowering Your Body Fat Percentage

The dance between caloric intake, nutrition, metabolism and exercise regimens is going to predict if you store or burn fat.

In fact, most people can lose fat and maintain a healthy body fat percentage. However, it is by no means always easy. Find a diet and exercise regimen that helps you control the levels and fits your current lifestyle.

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