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Choose Your Protein Powder Wisely

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Protein powder can be a nice addition to a healthy diet if you read labels, research processing and choose one that is healthy, organic and minimally processed.

Protein powder is a huge topic of discussion in my private practice where I focus on utilizing the HCG Diet for weight loss with great success!  I get asked over and over which protein powder that I recommend.  Of course, protein powder is a very processed food and I recommend that it is not used excessively.  I have of course tried many of them and researched them in great detail.  The preference of course is to get your protein from REAL food. However, I do understand the desire and need for convenience and quick, easy food on the go. I am certainly not passing off any judgement to those who consume protein powder based smoothies or shakes several times per day.  I am just touching on a subject that I get asked about with frequency and have researched deeply. In my own world, I simply focus on foods that are less processed … and there certainly are a few protein powders that I enjoy.

Well, like anything in life, we can touch on the good, the bad and the ugly. Protein powder is no exception to this rule.  So, we can ask …

What is wrong with protein powder?

The main thing is that most are highly processed and then loaded with what I would consider “junk.”  The process of making many protein powders often leaves behind a highly denatured and damaged protein.  Proteins have a primary, secondary and tertiary structure and in the processing into powders they are denatured and this process takes away many of their health benefits.  I would venture to say that “most” companies heat the protein so high that I would no longer even call it food.  You can do your research and find protein powders that are minimally processed and not heated to high temps. I would strongly urge you to do this!

Aside from the processing, many protein powder manufacturers add toxic ingredients such as saccharin, splenda, aspartame, fructose, artificial colors, natural flavors, etc.  Many protein powders often contain MSG in the form of protein isolates.  Why?  This happens because separating a protein from its food source during manufacturing results in the creation of MSG.  Although MSG is in the protein powder, it will not be listed in the ingredients as it is a byproduct.  Having a very strong MSG allergy, I learned this the hard way!

Choose your Protein Powder Wisely

Honestly, the only kudos I can give to protein powders is if they come from a reputable source and are minimally processed and made with organic ingredients.  These protein powders exist and will have a slightly higher price tag. You pay for what you get people!

If you choose whey protein be sure it is cold processed, filtered and comes from grass fed cows with no sugars, artificial flavors, thickening agents or fillers added . The organic piece is really important. Conventional cattle eat a very poor diet of GMO corn and soy and this gets into the food they provide for humans.  Remember … cows were only meant to eat grass.

If you choose a plant based protein powder be sure the company sources, the rice or pea protein form a reputable source.  If you have done your research and your protein powder is a high quality then the #1 pro is convenience and the second is a nice bio-available protein source for the body!

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