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Curious about Bio-Identical Testosterone Pellet Therapy?

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The Bio-Identical Testosterone Pellet Implant

hormone pellet therapyWe have spent nearly 20 years using many bio-identical hormone preparations to meet our individual patients needs as they go through menopause or andropause.  However, nothing compares to the clinical results we have seen in the last decade with testosterone pellet therapy. I can even tell you this from personal experience. Dr. Madda and Dr. Phillipo have been extensively trained in this procedure. Hormone pellet therapy offers exceptional results!  Patients tend to sleep better, think clearer, have more motivation, more energy, more sex drive and an over-all sense of well-being.

What does “Bio-Identical” Mean?

When a hormone is “bio identical,” it means that it is structurally identical to the hormones that are made in our own bodies by our endocrine glands. Bio identical hormones also function just the same as the ones produced by our own bodies.  All of the hormones that we use in our office are bio identical and made with FDA approved plant derived ingredients.

How is the Testosterone Pellet Inserted?

The testosterone pellets are compounded by an accredited pharmacy. These little “tic tac” size pellets are surgically implanted under the skin (typically in the hip).  This is a simple, in-office procedure that takes about 10 min.   The low dose testosterone pellets slow release over time ad typically last 3-5 months.


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