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I Dare You – Start Your Day off Positive

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Create Joy in your Life and see what happend

Create a Happy Day Right from the Start


We can eat the healthiest food and get our daily dose of great exercise … but, if we are feeling stress and seriousness all day long then what fun is that!  Yes, in the modern busy world we are all running around a thousand miles an hour and still by the end of the day a lot of things were left undone. Take a breath … relax .. it is really okay. Even if your day at work is stressful, you could try these morning time habits to at least bring some JOY to the morning.  I dare you … try this for a week. I asked my HCG Diet patients to give this a try last month and I could not believe the positive feedback they had for me.  I decided to begin to incorporate this into the HCG Diet protocol that I facilitate in my practice!


If you wake to an alarm … set it to a song that makes you feel good … perhaps something that warms your heart or something that makes you want to get up and dance.  This can be a great way to set the stage for a really joyful day!

Take the Steps to Creating a JOYFUL Day

1. Enjoy a Nice Glass Of Water Upon Rising

This is a wonderful habit to have when starting your day.  You will hydrate your cells and get your digestive system up and running.  I like to add a 1/2 lemon squeezed and a tbsp apple cider vinegar to my morning water!  You may notice your digestion likes this as well as your skin!


2. Avoid Technology for the First 30 minutes

We all wonder in the morning if your boss messaged you. I often wonder if a patient needed me or had to change an appointment.  It is hard to do but worth it if you can fully allow yourself the time in the am to just wake up happy and focus on Joy.

3. Gratitude!

While drinking that nice refreshing glass of water, think of something you are really grateful for.  Feel it inside.  Maybe you can come up with five or ten things … awesome!


4.  Go Outside!


Take a minute and step outside.  Even if it is cold or rainy … step outside and take a deep breath.  It is just a nice perspective to see the natural world around us.  Feel the air in your lungs and remember what a miracle life is.


5. Move for a minute

Maybe you do not have time to hit the gym before you get on with your day … but, you could take a few minutes to stretch or climb the stairs ten times or crank the music and have a short dance session!  I like to do 50 squats in the shower.  Just do something to get that blood of yours moving through your body.  It really will change your energy level.

6. Healthy Food …

If you do have breakfast in the am, think about what you will put in your body.  If you are a processed food, cereal or boxed food person try some nice pieces of fruit.  Make a quick smoothie with some organic frozen berries, clean protein powder and water blended up.  Take some healthy food with you to nourish you in your day!


7. Affirmations anyone?!

Before you head out the door, check yourself out in the mirror and say something really nice to yourself.

I am amazing and I GET to be in this day!

I radiate beauty and light where I go

I feel so healthy and clear


Take the Positive Morning Challenge


Wake up and give this a go for a week. It may seem silly at first but, I was amazed at how many of my patients told me how this simple exercise changed their entire day.  These little steps are powerful. Give it a try. You have nothing to lose.  I even have some people also go through this process as they get ready for bed at night!

Stay positive friends … joy is abound!

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