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Dr. Madda’s Power Breakfast

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Beginning your Phase III HCG Diet Day with a Nutrient Dense Smoothie


HCG Diet PortlandOur HCG Diet patients often ask us for very specific instruction about what they can have as their first meal of the day on the program.  In general, I recommend Intermittent Fasting to most of my patients and therefore they often do not eat until after noon time.  I find this power breakfast an amazing way to break the fast!  This smoothie is loaded with nutrients, high in protein and super tasty.  It will balance blood sugar and keep you going all through the morning. Just today, I had a patient tell me how after her morning smoothie she had no cravings at all until she was hungry for lunch


What is in the HCG Diet Phase III Super Smoothie

1 scoop high quality rice or hemp protein powder (anti inflammatory) ( We love sun warrior or warrior food)

1 tbsp hemp seeds

1 tbsp chia seds

1/2 -1 cup  frozen berries (organic)

2 tbsp organic almond butter

1 tbsp. Vitamineral Greens (healthforce nutritionals)

4 cups water or unsweetened almond milk or milk of choice


Blend in a high speed blender and drink up!

Enjoy this delicious, incredible, nutrient rich way to start your day … every day!

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