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Facial Rejuvenation with your own Growth Factors in Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP)

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The PRP (platelet rich plasma) Medical Facial for Skin Rejeuvenation

Portland hCG dietAs we age, men and women over 40 are often seeking to reclaim the soft and supple nature of youthful skin. The PRP facial, also known as the “vampire facial” by some health professionals is a natural, painless and non-surgical, procedure that uses your bodies own stem cells to rejeuvenate skin and create healing on scared skin.  We have seen incredible benefits with the PRP facial in our office. The results are lasting and offer a youthful glow while minimizing spots and lines.

The Steps Involved in the PRP Facial Procedure

During the PRP medical facial, your skin is cleansed and massaged to a point of relaxation. A strong anesthetic is gently massaged into the skin and left to activate. At this time, the doctor will gently draw a small amount of blood and centrifuge it down to separate out your very own healing agents (called platelets). Platelets are a normal component of your blood’s plasma and they play an essential role in the way your body heals injuries. When activated, platelets release large amounts of growth factors that stimulate growth and repair of skin and tissue in the body. The patelet rich plasma portion of your blood is then rubbed onto your skin while a device known as the micropen creates mini pores in the skin allowing the PRP to sink in and work its magic on your skin.

The platelets have been shown to activate the bodies localized stem cells and begin to rejeuvenate and revitalize the skin. The process takes about an hour and is virtually painless. The effects last 4-6 months or more for skin rejeuvenation and can last forever in thr treatment of scars and stretchmarks on the skin.

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