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Fruit and the HCG Diet Protocol

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After facilitating the HCG Diet protocol and studying it in depth for nearly 10 years, I am beginning to record my clinical observations with my patient population over time. One thing that is very clear to me, is the role that fruit can play in slowing weight loss down or contributing to hunger and sugar cravings.  In modern day, we know that carbs and sugars can increase the potential of the body to store fat.  I find that most of my diabetic patients do better with the program if they leave out  fruits.  I find that many of my diabetic patients on the HCG Diet Program will actually gain on apple day.  I notice that patients who eat 2 fruits daily on the program rarely end up in a state of ketosis.


Leaving Fruit out on the HCG Diet Program

Over the past few years, I have invited some of my patients to leave out the fruit options and replace them with vegetable servings.  I found that these patients had consistent weight loss and did not deal with hunger.  I also began to instruct patients who were stalling to leave fruit out and replace them with vegetable servings (phase II allowed vegetables) and they resumed weight loss.  Fruit is a wonderful source of vitamins, minerals and fiber in many cases. Of course, I recommend the lower glycemic fruits.  Fruit does contain sugar and it will spike our blood sugar.  With some research, I have found that if patients keep carbohydrate content below 35 grams on phase II they can eat more HCG Diet P2 friendly vegetables and even more P2 HCG Diet friendly lean protein options.


Replacing Fruit on the HCG Diet Phase II Protocol

Lately, when my patients make the choice to leave the fruit options out on phase II, I ask them to increase their lean protein options by 2.5 ounces per serving if it is white fish and most seafood and 1.5 ounces if it is chicken.  I also have them increase phase II HCG Diet vegetables with their meals to 3 cups per serving measured raw.  I even let some of my patients have “unlimited” amounts of vegetable as long as the total carbohydrate intake for the day is below 35 grams. I find this to be really effective for patients.  It gives them an opportunity to have more protein and vegetables and to let go of the blood sugar spikes that some experience from eating fruit.


I love Dr. Simeon’s original protocol and sometimes we can find ways in the modern day to make this program fit better with our lives and our bodies.

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