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GAINSwave and P-Shot for Erectile Dysfunction

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Dr. Robert Madda has built an extensive practice and knowledge base on treating Erectile Dysfunction.  When Dr. Madda began treating men for low testosterone he saw a dramatic improvement in most with erectile issues. However, for some men hormone therapy was not enough.  15 years ago, Dr. Madda was working with Dr. Gains, the creator of GAINSwave therapy and has been using this modality in his practice with excellent results. About a decade ago, Dr. Madda began using the P -shot along with the GAINSwave and the results were profound.  For men suffering with symptoms of erectile dysfunction, finding the best treatment for them is crucial to restoring a healthy, satisfying sex life.

Let’s take a closer look at each of these treatments.

 GAINSWave® Therapy

GAINSWave® is an innovative form of high-frequency, low-intensity soundwave therapy. A safe, non-invasive form of treatment, this treatment leverages soundwaves to break down micro-plaque(s) in the penis, while increasing blood flow and to stimulate the body’s natural processes to grow new blood vessels.  Originally, there were only a few shock wave devices on the market. Today, the market has been saturated with low quality machines delivering low shocks and unimpressive results. It is always a good idea to do research on which machine your practitioner is using to get the best results.

Treatment is performed by a trained medical professional or a doctor.   The doctor uses a special treatment wand to deliver soundwaves to the effected area. Most patients begin to see results after just after 2-3 treatments, with best results after a series of 6 treatments.

 P-Shot Therapy

P-Shot therapy (also sometimes known as the Priapus Shot®) refers to injections of platelet-rich plasma in to very specific areas of the penis. This procedure sounds intense but in actuality it is minimally invasive.

To perform this treatment, the patient’s blood is drawn and a very specialized centrifuge separates out plasma-enriched “growth factors.” These growth factors are then injected into the penis, where it activates the body’s natural healing factors to increase blood flow and encourage the growth of new cells. This treatment carries few to no risks for side effects, as the material being injected is harvested from the patient’s own body.  These treatments can be effective right away but even more effective as time goes on. The PRP will continue to help with growth of healthy tissue and increase sensitivity.


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