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The HCG Diet has been my Ticket to Renewed Health

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The HCG Diet has changed my life. Let it change yours!

My name is Michael, I am a 44 year old paralegal in Portland, Oregon.  All of my life, I was chubby and felt like was in a battle with my weight.  As a kid, I tried hard to stay active.  My parents did their best, but our home was filled with junk food and I ate plenty of it and actually thought I was eating kind of healthy.  When I left home and went to college, I knew I wanted to lose weight.  I entered college at 259 lbs.  and I was actually determined to make a change. I began running daily.  I kept with it and over time ran 3 miles daily.  I lost 20 lbs in the first 10 months.  I felt better but it seemed so unmanageable to run daily and try to avoid carbs while being a young college student.  After graduation, I was 281 lbs.  Honestly, every day of my life I thought about my weight and it brought me down.


I tried so many diets and although I might be able to lose 20 lbs , I always gained it back.  Last year, I was diagnosed with high cholesterol, high blood pressure and pre-diabetes.  I got home from my doctors appointment (which I had avoided for years) and began to cry. I was truly depressed about my weight.  I had a friend who had done the HCG Diet and was very successful with losing 50 lbs and keeping it off. It sounded so extreme to me but I knew I had to do something and drastic sounded like my only option.


My First HCG Diet Encounter with a Doctor


I began my search for an HCG Diet clinic that evening.  I cruised through websites online and felt really drawn to The Natural Path. I saw that Dr. Madda worked with mens hormones as well and I had never had my hormones looked at yet struggled with many of the symptoms of hormone deficiency.  I made my appointment for the soonest available which was 3 weeks out. It gave me plenty of time to get ready for the program.  The doctors at The Natural Path were very timely in communication with me and answered all of the many questions that I emailed them before starting the program.  They seemed so genuinely eager to help me and it was an incredible source of motivation.


In September of 2015, I met with Dr. Madda. My visit was the most eye opening Dr. visit I had ever had.  We reviewed my health history, set me up with a blood draw to look at hormones and reviewed the HCG Diet protocol.  The following week, we reviewed my lab work and discovered I had low thyroid and low testosterone.  We began these therapies and gave the bio identical hormone replacement some time to settle in. Within 7 days, my energy improved dramatically.  In early October, I began the HCG Diet Program. I wanted to lose 70 lbs. My goal was to hit 200 lbs. At my first visit, I was 272 lbs.


My HCG Diet Progress


Through out the first 6 week round, I lost 40 lbs. It was amazing to wake up and get on the scale and see it drop on a daily basis.  Dr. Madda prepped me for stalls but that did not happen in my first round with the diet.  My weekly HCG Diet check ins with Dr. Madda were amazing. I learned something so valuable in every visit and took the info into action in my life. I was determined to make this program an emotional eating rehab program for myself.  After the first round, I let my metformin go (blood sugar lowering med) and my high  blood pressure med go.  I cut my cholesterol lowering med in half.


Round 2 came for me after the first of the year and I lost 20 lbs in January with a shorter round of HCG.  I had a stall in this round for 5 days but got through it.  I had also lost 5 lbs between my 2 rounds.  That was 65 lbs down!!!  I felt awesome and was so close to my goal of 200 but still had 7 lbs to go.  In March, I began my 3rd round and stuck with it for 30 days to lose another 19 lbs.  AMAZING!

84 lbs down.


188 lbs – exceeded my goal by 12 lbs.

Felt better than ever in my life!

Learned how to maintain my weight loss!!


This diet program is really amazing!  I have only good things to say. Nothing has ever helped me in my life like this program!  If you have weight to lose, this HCG Diet is surely worth  a try!

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