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Keeping Your New Years Resolution to Eat Healthier

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hcg diet portlandNew Year’s Day always offers the opportunity to hit the “reset” button on our habits, reflect on current lifestyle patterns and set goals to improve our health and well-being. For many of us, the New Year involves making promises to eat healthier and shed some weight. To help you achieve your nutrition goals, I am always available to consult with you!  It is my passion to help my patients learn to eat to optimize their health and wellness. I have incredible success with helping my patients through the HCG Diet program for weight loss. t truly is unbelievable what happens through the HCG Diet protocol. I have seen over 3500 patients through the process with incredible success.  In the end, weight loss is a true side effect of the HCG Diet process.  It is the habits and patterns that change with the diet that continue to create life long wellness and maintained weight loss.  I will share with you some strategies to help you to keep your New Years resolutions and strategies for healthy eating while living the modern, busy lifestyle!!

Examples of  Manageable Goals with Making Healthy Food Choices 

I find that people often jump in too hard, too fast when making their New Year’s resolutions.  The “all or nothing” attitude tends to result in unreasonable goals that sound easy to the mind. However, it is important to think about the reality of incorporating these goals into your daily life. When creating health and weight loss goals make sure they are realistic and sustainable.  I invite all of my HCG Diet patients to keep their goals manageable!

One exercise I find very effective is to look at your daily routine and find a few things you can improve upon.  For example, if you drink a soda most days you could work to give that up!  Perhaps you have a desire to stop ordering lunch out at work and begin to bring a healthy lunch with you each day!  Those who already eat well and exercise regularly may want to refine habits even more by letting go of eating when they are not actually hungry (even very healthy food) or increasing the intensity of their exercise.

Pick a few things and keep the SMART goals in mind!  SMART stands for specific, measurable, achievable, results-focused and timely.  Pick a resolution that is within reach, yet a bit of a stretch so that it is a bit challenging to you.  Goals should also be sustainable!!!! Here are a few examples:

  • Bring your lunch to work Monday-Thursday for the entire month of January
  • Make sure your dinner plate is at least 50% vegetables.
  • Try to prioritize sleep for the month of January and beyond
  • Drink 2 liters of pure water daily

 Tips for Making Healthy Choices with Food while on the GO! 

One common denominator most people deal with today is that life is busy and it isn’t going to stop.  That’s why it’s of utmost importance to create realistic goals and increase your awareness about what you’re eating. It is also important to really look at the excuses that you make that keep you from your goal. Sometimes our mind is our own worst enemy!!

Often times, I hear that people just do not have enough time to eat well or exercise.  It needs to be a priority just like going to work!  If we plan ahead then we can set ourselves up for success. For example, many people eat lunch out and then go out again in the late afternoon for a coffee or snack.   Most of the time, these foods are inflammatory and get in the way of optimal health.  Ideally, you could bring lunch and an afternoon snack with you to the office. Make the time!  It is SO worth it.

Meal prep on the weekend!!   Go to the grocery store and buy five days worth of snacks — nuts, yogurt, fruit, vegetables, nut butter, etc. to take with you to work.   Make a weeks worth of lunches and put them in “grab and go” containers in the fridge.  I often will grill some chicken breasts and steam some broccoli or another vegetable and have them all ready for my lunches during the week.   You could also cook dinner, make two or three extra servings for lunch or dinner the next day. Place the food in a reusable container so the meals are ready to go for when you’re too busy to cook.

We are always going to be busy.  That will never change!  Brainstorm solutions that will fit your schedule. Stocking your fridge and prepping foods when you have time will make life much easier and make eating healthy a sustainable habit.


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