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Making Exercise Non-Negotiable

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Exercise is a Key to Living in Optimal Health 

hcg diet portlandI think that most all health care professionals would agree that exercise is a key component to any wellness lifestyle plan.  I always tell my patients that there is no way to bottle up all of the amazing things that exercise can do for the body … you actually have to make time to exercise NON-NEGOTIABLE.  Find something you love and get up and move your body!  We teach our HCG Diet patients to set aside time for walking in phase II on a daily basis and this is the “space holder” for non-negotiable exercise that is to come in phase III and the maintenance phase.  We teach all our patients about the importance of exercise on almost a daily basis.  Exercise feels good. The hardest part is just getting out there and jumping into a routine. You can do it.

The Many Benefits of Exercise and Moving the Blood in Your Body

A recent study out of Harvard has linked exercise to cognitive function in elderly women. Exercise is also known to be anti-inflammatory by turning on genes that suppress inflammation. Studies have show that those who exercise have lower C-reactive protein than those that do not. Exercise increases bone density, the happy hormones in the brain, regulates appetitie and metabolism and the list goes on and on.

Get that Body MOVING

You do not need to climb the highest peak in the world or train for the Iron Man — however, it is crucial to make exercise a priority in your life.  Get that blood circulating through your body.  Sustain a higher heart rate for 20 minutes to an hour every day of the week. Run, walk up hills, bike, do yoga, go to the gym, find an exercise DVD or online class, jump on a trampoline, try out crossfit.  There are so many ways to get exercise in your life.  Try it for 2 weeks solid and it may become your latest addiction.

At the Natural Path, we are all for helping patients find a lifestyle and diet program that fits their life to make them feel the best and keep weight maintained.  Visit us online to learn more www.naturalpathmed.com


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