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Male Sexual Dysfunction or Erectile Dysfunction Therapies

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How Common Is Male Sexual Dysfunction?

Erectile dysfunction Recent studies suggest that about 30% or more of men complain of the symptoms of erectile dysfunction as they age. In fact, among all male sexual dysfunction, ED is the most common issue in aging men.  However, in our private medical practice, we have been seeing many younger men, including men in their 30s, experiencing these symptoms.  At The Natural Path, Dr. Madda has incredible success treating his men with erectile dysfucntion. He uses a multi-prong approach and the results can be life changing.

What Causes Erectile Dysfunction?

The cause of erectile dysfunction is generally multi-factorial. The main cause of ED is the fact that damaged blood vessels in the penis make it difficult for blood flow to create an erection. For this reason, those with heart conditions and high blood pressure may also experience ED due to cardiovascular issues. Another contributing factor can be that the penile tissue gets more lax due to aging. Occasionally, ED can be psychological, and brain chemicals can play a role. Low testosterone can also be a strong contributing factor for erectile dysfunction. Anxiety and depression are also causal factors for ED.

What Causes Peyronie’s Disease?

Peyronie’s disease is a physical disorder caused by scar tissue on the penis. This scar tissue restricts blood flow and, therefore, makes erections difficult and/or painful. The scar tissue on the penis is typically caused by injuries such as strained penile muscles, bruised tissues from impacts, or injuries during sex. Some men may have had Peyronie’s disease from a young age.

Medication and Disease that Contribute to Erectile Dysfunction

Both medication and disease can play a charge role in the regulation of the cardiovascular system and hormone production.  There have been many reports of antidepressants and antianxiety medications that can interfere with normal hormone distribution. Chemotherapeutic agents can also contribute to erectile issues.

Heart disease is a particularly big factor in erectile dysfunction as well as any other cardiovascular concern that may disrupt normal blood flow. Even having high cholesterol can cause ED. Obesity and diabetes are also prominent in those with erectile dysfunction.

Lifestyle Choices that Contribute to Erectile Dysfunction

Regular alcohol consumption and smoking are two lifestyle choices that can contribute to sexual dysfunction. Making healthier lifestyle choices or using these substances in moderation may help lessen the risk of ED as you age.


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