NAD+ Injections have so many Benefits

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NAD IVAt The Natural Path, we strive to support our patient’s optimal well-being and longevity. We are constantly looking at the latest research and bringing new therapies to our office that have shown to be helpful in optimizing wellness and decreasing the risk of inflammation and disease. In 2022, our doctors did a deep dive into the research behind NAD+.  We have found NAD IV’s to be incredible and also seen the healing power of  NAD+ injections that patients can do in the office or self-administer at home.

NAD+, also known as nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide, is a KEY coenzyme found in all of the cells in our body. Some refer to NAD+ as  the “anti-aging molecule.” NAD+ can cellular energy and therefore improve so many aspects of our wellness. When NAD+ levels are optimal our cells are more protected against mitochondria dysfunction and oxidative stress. Clinically, our patients report improvements in brain function and a decrease in addictive tendencies.

NAD+ declines with age, inflammation, infection, and for many other reasons as we go through the aging process.

The Many Benefits of NAD+

  • Protects our cells from oxidative stress
  • Potential to reduce the production of beta amyloid and slow the decline of mental diseases such as Alzheimers
  • It has the potential  to be cardioprotective, helping to prevent and manage cardiovascular disease
  • Potential to help insulin sensitivity and reduce the risk of  metabolic disorders such as diabetes, hyperlipidemia and obesity
  • Potential to improve lean muscle mass and muscle recovery time
  • Potential to help manage traumatic brain injury
  • Potential to help the addiction aspect of the brain.

What Patients are Saying Post NAD+ Injection

“When I received my first injection, I could surely feel my brain in sync.  The improved mental clarity lasted for 4-5 days.”  Another patient reports, ” I feel like a cloud of fog was lifted from by brain.”  An athlete reported, “I have more motivation to workout and more energy to give to my workouts. My recovery time has also improved.”  One of our executive patients reported, “This could be placebo, but I truly feel that I am more productive with my NAD shots 2x/week.”  One patient stated, ” I am using these in hopes of preventing Alzheimers as it is in my family genetics.  After COVID-19 infection, I havenot felt quite myself. I feel like these injections are bringing me back.”

If you are wanting to try NAD+ injections please give our office a call and we can get you set up with an office visit with one of our doctors.

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