P-shot Procedure and Results for Erectile Dysfunction

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P shotThe insecurity that comes from not being able to get or maintain an erection can be a BIG deal in the life of many men.  For most males, the penis is important and getting an erection is also very important. Erectile dysfunction leads to stress, insecurity and a lack of self-esteem when it comes to dating or being with a sexual partner.  Many men that come to our office rely on medications to help. These can be effective, but they are a bit like a band-aid. These meds will not get to the root cause of the issue.  Thankfully, the P-shot or priapus shot has shown to be an effective solution or at least a big improvement for erectile dysfunction.

After doing this procedure with hundreds of men, Dr. Madda has found it to be safe and effective with little to no adverse reactions.

What is P-shot or Priapus Shot?

The P-shot, is a treatment that involves injecting natural growth factor factors directly into your penis.  This treatment actually uses growth factors in your own platelet rich plasma which is isolated from your own blood with a very specialized centrifuge. The P-shot has also been shown to help Peyronie’s disease, as well as lichen sclerosis.  It is also used for penile enhancement sensually and to improve overall sexual performance, as well as orgasm intensity.

How does the P-shot Work?

When you come in for your P-shot. Dr. Madda will do a screening to be sure you are a good fit for the procedure. He will answer all of your questions.  He is very warm and professional and makes people feel very comfortable. Dr. Madda will draw your blood and then put the vials in his state of the art centrifuge to isolate the prp or platelet rich plasma.   Next, the isolated PRP will be injected into your penis in specific locations.  It can take a few months to notice the benefits as the PRP and growth factors can stimulate tissue growth which happens over several months.

P-Shot Benefits

There are so mnay benefits that come from receiving the P-shot treatment. Most of these benefits relate to erectile improvement, while other benefits such as increased sensation and stamina will address your overall sexual health and performance. We have seen excellent results in so many of our male patients.

Some of the benefits include more robust and firmer erections, and you will be able to last out for a long time without getting drained or tired. You will also notice that your sexual stamina has improved, which your partner will absolutely love. Sexual performance is all about energy. The longer you can satisfy your partner, the better your sexual performance will be.  Results may diminish over 1-2 years but the procedure can be repeated yearly and this is a common pattern of treatment.



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