P shot with Stem Cells or Vitti Pure

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P shotAt The Natural Path, we believe that you deserve optimal sexual function. The P-Shot is an effective, in-office procedure that offers many men long-lasting improvement in sexual function and performance by optimizing circulation, sensation, and healing. The procedure uses the blood of the patient for the extraction of platelet-rich plasma (PRP).  The procedure can also be done with stem cells, as well as Vitti-Pure. The P-shot procedure is both effective and safe for men suffering from erectile dysfunction (ED) caused by age, or other health issues including diabetes, poor circulation, enlarged prostate, side effects from surgery, prostate cancer, and side effects from prescription medications.

With aging, men tend to lose a lot of sensitivity in the penile area. Once the sensitivity has decreased, many men have a difficult time becoming erect and sustaining the erection for a long enough period of time to enjoy sexual intercourse. This is what we refer to as erectile dysfunction. This condition is experienced by millions of men during the course of their lives. In our experience in treating ED for almost 20 years, the P-shot is the most advanced and effective procedure for this problem.

Benefits of the P-Shot for Most Men

• Safe and effective treatment for Peyronie’s disease.
• Potential increase of penile girth and length – although treating for function is what we do at The Natural Path
• Substantially increases the blood flow to the penile area by opening the capillaries and small arteries. T
•Improves the quality of his erection
• Side effects are extremely rare.
• Imprves intimate relationships
• Improves sensation.
•Results have lasted for years.
• Optimal results are often achieved in the months that follow.


The P-Shot Procedure

The process begins once with the patients blood being drawn and then spun in our state of the art centrifuge which allows us to extract a maximum amount of high quality PRP or platelet-rich plasma. The penis is numbed prior to the procedure to be sure the patient is comfortable throughout the process. The injection is then given into specific areas of the penile tissue. This procedure does not cause. Both regenerative mea lot of disomfort according to most of our patients.  In most cases, the procedure enables the tissue growth necessary for the new blood vessels. This improves the circulation throughout the penis, enhances sexual performance, increases pleasure and sensation and leads to a stronger erection. There have even been some reports in changes in the length and girth of the penis; however, results vary from patient to patient and this is not the intention of the P-shot in our clinic.

The P-shot is also effective for Peyronie’s disease. With this condition, the penis can curve due to the plaque, resulting in extremely painful erections. It is important to understand that males have sex organs in all different shapes and sizes. The P-shot  has been clinically proven to be a non-surgical treatment for this disease. Once the shot has been administered, the plaque begins to dissolve and the curve will straighten and restore sexual functions.

It is important to receive this P-Shot injection from a qualified and experienced medical professional. In some cases, local anesthesia is given in addition to a numbing cream to make certain the man does not experience any discomfort during the procedure. The process generally takes just minutes. The regenerative medicine and platelet-rich plasma help repair the existing blood vessels while providing the stimulation necessary for new blood vessels to form. The final result is an enhancement of the blood flow to the penis. This has been successful for numerous men with erectile dysfunction.

P-Shot Benefits for Men with ED

The most common benefits of the P-Shot are:

• Increased firmness in erections
• Decrease in prostate discomfort
• Increased pleasure/sensation
• Improved blood flow/circulation
• Less incontinence
• Improved sexual stamina
• Potential  enhanced appearance (we use this procedure for improved function and not aesthetics at our office)

You deserve to have optimal sexual health!

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