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Refresh your Look with Botox, Xeomin or Aesthetic Procedures

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After Extensive Research and Study we are bringing the Art and Science of Aesthetics to our Practice

We love the aesthetic procedures we offer at The Natural Path. After years of clinical observation, we have decided to do only those that we have found to be most effective and offer amazing results

Based on patient demand over the years we are complimenting our practice with the use of very specific aesthetic medicine procedures.  We do not desire to make people look 25 again; however many people simply want to look like the best version of themselves and often this brings about improved self confidence and therefore a better life experience on some level.  This was quite a big decision for us as we were skeptical at first of adding aesthetic medicine to our practice.  It is a true art and science and it there are some modalities that we just love.

Botox, Xeomin and the Wrinkle Diminishers

After doing hours upon hours of extensive research on the use of BOTOX we began to realize what a phenomenal medications both BOTOX and XEOMIN are.  Not only do they soften lines and wrinkles to give an aging face a refreshed appearance, they also can be used very successfully to treat migraine headaches, spasticity of muscles that come from stroke, hyperhidrosis (increased sweating), overactive bladder and cervical dystonia (neck spasms).  BOTOX happens to be one of the most studied drugs on the planet and it is FDA approved to use on glabberllar lines (the 11’s) and lateral canthal lines or “crows feet.”

As I began diving into the research and uses of BOTOX my resistance to using this medication began to soften.  I soon realized that using this for aesthetic purposes to give people a chance to take care of something that really bothered them in a way that was safe and effective actually was in line with my personal philosophy as a physician.

Botox & Xeomin … How do they Work?

BOTOX works by blockingt he release of a chemical messenger called acetylcholine. With normal physiology, the brain sends electrical messages to the muscles to tell them to contract. The electrical message is transmitted to the muscle by a substance called acetylcholine. BOTOX works to block the release of acetylcholine. As a result, the muscle does not receive the message to contract. It is these muscle contractions that contrbute to the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines on the skin.  This inability of the muscles to contract is temporary and lasts for 2-4 months typically.

At the Natural Path, Dr. Madda and Dr. Phillipo have had extensive training and have studued advanced methods of injecting.  Botox and Xeomin are mixed fresh for each patient and is injected using a small plastic surgery typr of needle into the treatment areas.  Currently, the FDA approves the use of these medications for glabellar and lateral cathal lines.  Generally, each treatment area requires between 20-24 units of botox.  This can vary per person as well as the area being treated.  Each area typically takes between 3-6 injection sites.  Our patients have experienced very little pain or discomfort associated with  injections due the size of the needle and skill of the injector.

The Natural Path Aesthetic Procedures

At The Natural Path, we also offer PRP facials, PRP facelifts (non-surgical), a variety of fillers, AquaGold and microneedling procedures. We also offer the amazing ViPeel chemical peel. Click here to learn more.

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