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Stalled on the HCG DIET?

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Stalls happen on the HCG DIET or any Weight Loss Program

Cleansing and Detoxing Your Home and BodyAre  you experiencing a STALL? I know they are frustrating!  They are also NORMAL and happen to most everyone. Weight loss is just not linear. If you have not “cheated” or “treated,” then the stall is most likely due to water play and fat is still burning.

One thing to remember is that  a “STALL” is not really a “Stall” unless you are the same weight for 3+ days.

Common Reasons for Stalls on the HCG DIET

The most common stall reasons are:

+Excess sodium or sodium derivatives in packaged foods, sauces, salt shaker, etc – water retention
+Hormonal shifts – ovulation/menstruation program all cells to hold water
+Sore muscles – lactic acid build up causes muscles to be sore and can hold up to 2 lbs of water – this can cause gains of water with fat still being released
+Food sensitivities – these create inflammation and water retention – most common sensitivities on the program are: dairy (yogurt, cottage cheese), any soy product, tomato, bell pepper, beef, eggs.
+Constipation – if bowels are not moving you have mass in your intestines showing up on the scale with you.
+Set point stalls – being at a weight that you have been at for any length of time in your life – usually 1 year plus. It is easy for the body to sit in these places for 5-6 days

Common Foods that can cause Stalls on the HCG DIET

+If doing fruit – the recommended is just one serving daily; if weight loss seems slow try omitting the fruit. The sugar can cause insulin to be released and slow weight loss down for some. I know you are not doing fruit
+Make sure chicken breast is boneless/skinless and not from a rotisserie chicken or thigh meat, etc. Make sure if you buy it prepared it is low in sodium. For example, trader joes has prepared chicken breast but it is very high in sodium. Best to cook yourself.
+Be sure beef and ground turkey are the leanest out there.
+No salmon – white fish only
+Read labels for all sauces/spices to be sure sodium is not sneaking in.
+Stevia is the ONLY sweetener – others will slow things down
+Keep tomato to 1/2 cup max as a vegetable serving.
+Use caution with Boca and Morningstar products they are processed with a decent sodium content – be sure the ones you are consuming are on the shopping list (manual attached and shopping list towards the end).
+Careful of pickles – they seem like cucumbers but have lots of sodium
+Be sure fats are not sneaking in

Stay positive! Stalls will shift if you stick with it!

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