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Sustaining and Maintaining Weight Loss

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hcg diet portlandWhile sustainable and maintainable weight loss can take time, it is worth it to lose slowly and create a lifestyle diet. When we work with our HCG DIET and medical weight loss patients at The Natural Path we teach our patients many  key habits and behaviors to adopt in order to make your weight loss last. 

Keep the Habits Sustainable

Many diets fail because they are unrealistic and do not offer guidance into a lifestyle change.  It is important to to teach people healthy habits such as food prep, grocery shopping techniques and what foods can lead to lasting weight loss. Education on what creates fat storage and fat breakdown in the body is also very important. This helps patients to make good decisions. 

Sleep is correlated with a lower BMI and higher quality health outcomes.  A decent quality night’s sleep helps regulate hunger and cravings the next day, creates more energy that you can use to be active, and helps manage stress levels.  If you’re working on fat loss, be sure to make sleep a priority. 

Protein and low carb veggies as the mainstay of your diet will help with weight loss.

Exercise is also super important to a healthy lifestyle!

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