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The Benefits of Gaineswave Therapy for Erectile Dysfunction

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In the world of treating ED or erectile dysfunction, the Gaineswave or e-wave (also referred to as energy wave therapy) has been a big player!  In our clinical practice at The Natural Path, Dr. Madda was trained by Dr. Gaines himself and the results that come from this therapy have exceeded our expectation.    The Gaineswave  is truly a revolutionary, non-invasive technology that provides a safe, effective treatment for men suffering from ED.   If you feel ready to return to a healthy, enjoyable sex life, continue reading to learn more about the Gaineswave therapy for erectile dysfunction.

How Does The Gaineswave Procedure Work to Treat Erectile Dysfunction?

The Gaineswave produces a low intensity wave of energy that assists with improving blood flow to the penile tissue by stimulating the growth of new blood vessels. The energy pulses from the device and begins to  interact with the penile tissue.  This results in new cell production, tissue rejuvenation, and angiogenesis  or the formation of new blood vessels.  The Gaineswave really shines as an effective therapy for ED with no side effects.


What happens During a Gaineswave Session?

Prior to using the Gaineswave as an ED therapy, you will have an initial consultation with Dr. Madda to determine if you are a candidate for this treatment.  Once approved for treatment, patients will go through a series of Gaineswave treatments.  During these sessions, a topical numbing agent is used and the Gaineswave “wand” is applied directly onto the penis to deliver a specific frequency of energy waves to the tissue.  Overall, there are five points of treatment with each Gaineswave session: three on the top shaft and two underneath.  Dr. Madda suggests 6 sessions over the course of several weeks and each treatment last for about 20 minutes.


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According to the manufacturers of the Gaineswave, studies have shown that up to 75% of men who had previously taken ED medications are now able to have spontaneous erections. Patients may require 6 or more treatments to see the improved benefits.

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