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 The Diagnosis of Obesity

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I suffered from Obesity and then I gave the HCG Diet a try! It was the JUMPSTART that I needed!

Obesity IS ever present  in our society.  Beautiful people walking around with excess weight on their bodies created by genetics, illness and most often diet and lifestyle choices.  I work with over weight people in my practice and my heart goes out to each and every one of them.  Weight loss is a battle. Emotions won over by food addiction is a battle.  Extra pounds on the body have a negative impact on over all health and well being.  Having a “bigger” body in a world where being thin is glorified wreaks havoc on confidence.


Two years ago, obesity was classified as a disease. The truth is that this is not a disease that requires medical attention and billions of dollars spent on new drugs for treatment.  It is mainly a disease which can be treated with good information and education about lifestyle and dietary habits. It will also take some will power on the part of the patient to make these changes. The HCG Diet that I have had the privilege to facilitate in my practice for the past 10 years has been an amazing springboard and “treatment” for obesity.  This happens mainly through education in helping obese patients lose considerable amounts of weight quickly and safely while learning new ways of living and eating to maintain their new body composition.



Education for Obesity is Key

So, how does this happen to someone?  Well, it happens quite easily.  Some people have incredibly difficult life experiences and food is a friend.  However, more often than not, I find that many people just do not know that what they are eating is not even real food.    I have always believed that knowledge is power. All too often, I ask my patients to review what they eat on a daily/weekly/monthly basis and find that they are unaware that what they are eating is contributing to their weight and health issues. Once they learn otherwise and begin to choose foods that nourish their bodies everything changes. I see this over and over in my practice.  Education on healthy living and eating is something our society needs more of.  The food industry is full of secrets and strategies to keep its consumer coming back for more.  SO many have the best of intentions for healthy eating and living yet choose foods that the food industry has led them to believe contribute to health but in actuality contribute to sickness and metabolic issues. The documentaries, Hungry for Change and Food Matters are great at pointing out the dangerous intentions of our food industry.


  What do We Need to Do to Help Obesity!


There needs to be change in the processed food industry.  There needs to be some change in agricultural subsidies to allow for healthier cuisine. We need to stop the marketing of “junk” food to children … luring them in with their favorite characters.  Most of all,  we need strong education that yields the truth about nutrition and the consequences of eating processed foods and foods void of nutrition over time.  It  is certainly far from rocket science.

The foods you choose to eat, and how much you eat, will be the driving force behind successfully achieving your weight loss goals.  If yo have weight to lose … YOU CAN DO IT!!!  Eat well and EXERCISE.  We need to move our bodies too!



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