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The Efficacy of the GAINSWave® for Erectile Dysfunction

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Dr. Madda has been treating ED or erectile dysfunction at The Natural Path for nearly a decade with great success. He finds that the most successful approach combines hormone optimization, GAINSWave treatments and the Priapus shot!  However, the treatment for ED is certainly not one size fits all and each individual with have a unique treatment plan.  Feel free to give our office a call to learn more. You can also follow the links below to read many studies on Gaineswave therapy. You can also learn more about the Priapus shot or P-shot here!


Information about GAINSWave® for Erectile Dysfunction

GAINSWave® is an evidence-based protocol that has been the subject of more than 60 clinical studies supporting its efficacy, including the world’s largest study on the subject (read more about that here).  That, coupled with a patient success rate over 75% and the fact that it’s a safe, non-surgical option for treating ED and optimizing men’s health has made GAINSWave the leader in shockwave therapy.


GAINSWave® Success for Erectile Dysfunction

With hundreds of thousands of men already treated successfully and with interest growing by the day, GAINSWave offers a great solution for those dealing with erectile dysfunction. Treatment success varies and may need to be coupled with other modalities. Generally, it takes several treatments to have optimal results.



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