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Chewing your food primes digestion and also helps to give you an accurate signal for fullness

The Power of CHEWING

The digestive process really starts when we begin to chew. Within our saliva, is a very powerful digestive enzyme.  In our mouths, it begins to break down starches into maltose and dextrin.  For this reason, as we begin to chew starches, they often begin to taste sweet before we swallow them. These salivary enzymes help to support the work of our pancreas, stomach and spleen in the digestive process.

Chewing Helps our Bodies Absorb Nutrients

Eating good food is one thing and the ability to take your food through your stomach/intestines and absorb the nutrients into your blood stream is another.  Some say, “you are what you eat” and we could say “we are what we absorb.”

Tips to Chewing Well and Absorb your Food

One thing I learned in medical school that stuck with me was to chew each bite 21 times.  Now, this is a hard pattern to keep up with.  I can honestly say that I catch myself eating too quickly here and there.  I love when I remember to slow down and chew my food. There is a huge difference in what I deliver to my stomach when I chew a few times and when I chew 21 times.  Try it today and see if you can bring some mindfulness into chewing!

This is one habit I encourage all of my HCG Diet patients to do on their program.

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