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My Personal Journey With Semaglutide Weight Loss at The Natural Path In Portland, Oregon

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Semaglutide for weight lossI am 55 years old, in menopause, live a healthy lifestyle, and attend my exercise classes at Orange Theory 4-5 days per week and Club Pilates 2 nights per week. Yet, EVEN with all of that, I have been trying to shed 20-25 lbs for almost a decade! Frustrating?!  You bet it is (or should I say was). It was a thought form that was chronically sabotaging my happiness on some level.  I was one of those who had tried it all—fasting, exercising, cutting calories, low carb, keto, Weight Watchers, and Noom. No matter what I did, the weight would not come off. It was a tireless cycle, and I was ready to give up as the self-sabotage was killing me.

In January of 2023, a friend asked me to have dinner. I had not seen her since her birthday in September. I arrived at this sweet, boho cafe in Portland, Oregon, and there was my dear friend Julie. She stood up to greet me with a big smile and a sleek figure that had easily shed 40+ lbs since the last time I had seen her. I had a mix of emotions—happy for her, sad for me, and most of all, CURIOUS about how she had lost the weight.  Our entire dinner conversation was based on her success with Semaglutide and this protocol her ND, Dr. Cara Phillipo, at The Natural Path, had created for her. I could hardly believe her transformation.  The transformation in her physique was incredible, but the happiness and confidence she was exuding were something else!

 Fast forward to March 2023, and my Semaglutide Experience

In March of 2023, I had my first appointment with Dr. Cara. Her warmth, confidence, and PASSION for her program were contagious. She also held an unbelievable amount of knowledge about the medication and a tremendous amount of clinical experience as she had put @ 1000 patients through her program before me.  She is also a brilliant and voracious researcher and has done in-depth research with Semaglutide.   I immediately felt HOPEFUL, and I TRUSTED her guidance 100%! !!!  In my one-hour + initial visit with her, I learned more about weight loss physiology than I had combined in the last two decades. I loved her protocol and her desire to use Semaglutide as a TOOL to help shape a new relationship with food and a new lifestyle diet overall.  I loved her approach. She also gave me her cell phone and direct email with a genuine invitation to contact her anytime I needed guidance or support.

After my appointment with Dr. Cara on March 10th, 2023, my life literally improved week by week and then month by month.  I started giving myself weekly injections, which were as easy as could be and basically painless. I gradually lost 1-2 pounds a week.  I had a twinge of nausea on the very first day and on occasion when I changed my dose. Dr. Cara was there to help me troubleshoot any side effects and had the perfect solution.

Within 8 weeks. my clothes started fitting better.  I felt so confident in my “skinny clothes” by month 3. My happiness gauge slowly moved to my personal highest setting! I felt SO good. I felt SO free. I felt so in control!  Finally, by late June, people began complimenting me at Summer gatherings.  By the end of July, I was down 30 lbs! I had reached my ultimate goal!  YES!  This was what I had been searching for in what felt like a hopeless journey of forever.  I am still in awe that I got past what I would have considered one of the biggest personal obstacles in my life.

Life after Semaglutide

In August of 2023, I took 6 weeks to titrate my dose of Semaglutide down week by week until I fully transitioned off in September 2023 and simply followed the very same lifestyle diet Dr. Cara had me follow while using the medication. Was I nervous to go off of it?  Yup!  I sure was!  I was SO afraid of gaining my weight back.  Guess what, I actually continued to lose!  I follow a lifestyle diet that does not feel deprivational and have lost 6 more lbs since I ended my Semaglutide journey. It is now March 2024, and I have lost 37 lbs. I would have been happy with 20 lbs. I have never felt so good in my skin. I naturally have adjusted my portion sizes and ended that late-night mindless snacking.  I am setting new goals for myself at the gym and getting stronger. I am so motivated! My mental clarity is dramatically improved!  I feel like I lost all the inflammation I was carrying around. My menopausal blah is gone!  I  have maintained perfectly without any deprivation.   I love my lifestyle diet, and I treat myself often. It is all about balance and moderation.

I am writing this for anyone who questions the use of this program. It is life-changing! Dr. Cara was there for me every step of the way. She sent me motivating emails each week, answered my excessive text messages and email questions, and somehow, every response she sent me had a positive tone and was always helpful! I have never had anyone support me as she did and still does in the maintenance process.



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