HCG Diet for Cleansing and Fast Weight Loss

Cleansing the Body to Reset Habits and Patterns and Lose Inches

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hcg diet portlandI love cleansing!  I have an extremely healthy diet and then every now and then I begin to “overeat” certain things.  For me the culprits  might be fruit and nuts which in essence are healthy foods.  However, the truth is that anything in excess is not good for the body.  Cleansing is the way that I reset my own personal eating habits and it works every time!

We are human and we are living in a world today where food is in an over abundance in 1st world countries.  People find themselves eating when they actually feel quite full.  If the body is full … what is it that wants us to keep having those extra bites of food?  It is a mystery on some level.  Mindfulness is really important when it comes to being aware of what we are choosing to eat and how we are putting it into our bodies.  I find cleansing to be an amazing way to reset habits and patterns with food consumption.  For a number of days, patients follow along a cleansing protocol which keeps out inflammatory foods!  I ask most of my HCG Diet patients who are maintaining weight loss with a healthy maintenance diet to jump into a 10 day cleansing program anytime they notice that habits are beginning to slip.  I find this to be an exceptional tool in my practice for weight maintenance.



Cleansing is also an exceptional way to detoxify the body.  Unfortunately, we live in a toxic world and our bodies are able to deal with some of these toxins via our pathways of elimination … but, not all.  When our liver processes through our blood and comes across toxic materials, some of it is not excreted and lands in our fat tissue.  Most medically supervised cleansing programs contain nutrients to help detoxify the liver pathways and even to pull heavy metals and toxins out of the body.  By the end of a cleanse, I often feel vital, alive, light and very clear. I love that feeling!!


As far as weight maintenance, most patients who jump into a cleanse will lose that extra 5-7 lbs that they gained post HCG Diet program from making poor dietary choices.  They will lose the extra weight and reset habits and patterns to get them back on track in an easy way that makes them feel fabulous.


What is my Favorite Cleansing Program


Recently, I learned about the Purium Cleanse.  I have to say, it has become my absolute favorite.  This comes from a person who has designed cleansing programs and facilitated the “7-Day Detox Program” in the Bay area for many years.  The Purium 10 day transformation is an amazing way to detoxify the body in 10 days!  It allows patients to take amino acids to create protein; eat flex foods when they feel hungry and detoxify the body on a deep level.  I love this program.  At first, I was skeptical about the multi-level-marketing and even bought my first cleanse on Amazon. As I learned more about the program, I was truly impressed — no excipients, no fillers, no binders, all organic products, non-GMO, production facility owned, naturopathic doctor on staff — and it goes on and on.  David Sandoval is the creator of the program and he walks his talk and lives a healthy lifestyle.  This program gets my doctor stamp of approval for being AWESOME.

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