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Eating Less, Nourishing our Bodies and Enjoying more through the HCG Diet

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Getting through the HCG Diet protocol has helped me to ground in my body and find a new strength from within.

ne of the things that I really love most about the HCG Diet is that it gives patients an opportunity to look at the triggers that lead to eating.  We live in a world today with a a major eating disorder — a crazy emotional eating crisis.   Human beings long ago ate only when they were hungry; they rationed food and had times of famine; they were in touch with the signals of hunger; they ate from the earth.  Human beings today eat because they are bored, they are happy, tey are sad, they are joyful, they are stressed, they are angry … you name an emotion and it can be a reason to eat.


What would it be like to eat ONLY when we truly felt hungry? What would it feel like if we only chose to consume foods that we knew were truly NOURISHING to our bodies? What would it be like to find happiness without having to eat?

I like to ask all of my patients to get in touch with what is happening within and around them when they decide to binge on something.  I ask them to ask themselves one simple question  when the desire to eat strikes … “am I really hungry?”  What I have found is that most of the time, the answer is clearly NO.  However, there is this strong urge and desire to eat.  Can you find a different hobby when you feel bored instead of going to food?  Are you capable of handling stress without turning to food to comfort you?


We Need a Genuine Desire to Eat Better and Eat Less … and not focus so much on losing weight 

Most of us these days defy our physiological need for food and eat without hunger.  I find that people eat due to emotions … happy, sad, stressed, joyful … you name it and it is a reason to eat!  I also find a tremendous number of people eat due to boredom.  In order to tackle our obesity issue in this nation, we need to find a true desire within to eat less and to eat to nourish our bodies.  In order for this to happen, we need to be accountable for our own emotions and find true happiness that is not stimulated by food.


Food is meant to fuel our organs and nourish our bodies. It is not meant to be abused.  It is so crazy to me that we have these giant supermarkets lined from floor to ceiling with food.  It is crazy to me that so much of the food out there does not even fit my definition of food and is rather a “food like product.”


The HCG Diet and a New Relationship with Food

After facilitating the HCG Diet with 1600 patients in the past 10 years, I firmly believe that the program offers patients a chance to create new habits, patterns and behaviors in regards to food.  The HCG Diet encourages patients to rethink the role that food plays in their lives and to learn to develop emotional strength that is not connected to food.  In the long run, I find that most of our HCG Diet patients keep their weight off and the true reason is that they have developed a new relationship with food in their lives.  Food is meant to be nourishing and approached with an attitude of gratitude.


Choosing to eat when we are hungry and to stop eating when we are full takes a lot of mindfulness.  However, this is how our human bodies were designed.  Food is a commodity that we can choose to respect and be thankful for.  I find healthy food to be extremely satisfying, sensual and delicious!  Eating this way does not have to be looked at as deprivational or boring.  Eating with mindfulness can make food a true celebration!


It is hard work to break old patterns and habits.  More often than not, it is worth the strong will and determination to make changes that improve our lives.


As Albert Einstein said “No problem can be solved with the same consciousness that created it.”

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