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Eating Well on a Budget

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hcg diet portlandLet us face it, food can be expensive, especially when eating a healthy diet!  However, eating well does not need to break the bank!   For those on a budget, creating a “food budget” can be helpful!  I remember being a student and the food budget was quite tight.   I was worried I would not find the quality of food I wanted to feed myself and my family.   However, to my surprise I learned there are many ways to eat well on a budget!  I like to share this info with my HCG Diet patients who are learning a lot about habit and pattern changes with food.

Planning Basic Meals and Eating at Home

Meal planning is always really helpful if you want to save some money getting groceries.  It’s always important to consider your schedule and keep the planning realistic. My family enjoys a nice clean, protein for dinner with LOTS of vegetables.  Generally, we do protein 3-4x/week with dinner and just a big veggie dinner the other 2-3 nights.  I love cooking in the air fryer these days!  Cooking at home can also save some money AND you also know exactly what goes into your food.  Make meal prep a habit and you will save some $$ on food. Another tip is to never go to the grocery store hungry:)

Shop AROUND the Grocery Store

Rule #1, Never got to the grocery store hungry! This will get you in trouble!  Have a small apple or a handful of pumpkin seeds before you head in. Stay intentional and remind yourself that you are there to get healthy, whole foods for your family. Notice what veggies and clean, proteins are on sale and stock up on those that week.  Honestly, there is no need for crackers, granola, bars, or any packaged, processed foods. Another great tip is to shop in season and buy in bulk!  Coupon clipping on the store apps is also a great way to save $5-10 on your bill!






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