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Facilitating the HCG Diet Program at The Natural Path

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HCG Diet portland“I love what I do!”  The HCG Diet at The Natural Path is a Phenomenal way to change People’s Lives

Facilitating the HCG Diet at The Natural Path absolutely fulfils my mission as a Naturopathic physician.  I have devoted decades of my life to learning how optimal diet, lifestyle, exercise and therapeutic supplementation can elevate the lives of my patients.  Life is mysterious as for the first few years of practicing I was completely closed off to the HCG Diet program.  All that I heard was … 500 calories and injections of HCG.  This sounded kind of crazy to me and even unhealthy.  After seeing some of my diabetic patients go on the program with other practitioners and lose weight, go off of their insulin and other blood sugar regulating drugs, blood pressure lowering drugs and statinsI was blown away.  I became deeply committed to learning the in depth nature of how the HCG Diet worked.  The more that I studied and the more clinical research that I gathered I became amazed at what injections of HCG and a specific diet could do for the body.  I was even more amazed when I saw patients having body composition scans throughout the program and their lean mass stayed fairly steady and the majority of weight loss came from fat stores.  As I followed patients and watched them maintain their weight loss and change dietary and lifestyle habits I was convinced.  Today, the HCG Diet for weight loss has become a large part of my practice.

Changing Lives Through the HCG Diet

We have all heard the phrase that it takes 30 days to make a new habit.  I believe that there is incredible truth to this saying.  We have to remember that the natural time of the body to make change is quite slow.  It is easy to get caught up in todays fast paced world and to expect our bodies to change in an instant.  The HCG Diet offers to patients an opportunity to eat from a limited food list that contains an array of vegetables, fruits and clean, lean proteins.  Patients learn how easy it is to shop and prepare these clean foods and actually love the simplicity of the diet.

On a genetic level, we have not changed a whole lot since the days of our caveman ancestors.  Our relatives of long ago did not buy food in packages. They are what was in season and abundant at the time.  They did not over eat.  I think we can learn a lot from them.  I find that with 30-45 days of dietary modifications the body begins to thrive.  If we can take these habits with us for the next few months the body begins to thrive even more.


The HCG Diet as a Lifestyle Transformation Program

Through the HCG Diet, I see patients learn to eat better. I see patients find the desire to exercise and move their bodies. I see patients gain inspiration and motivation to make lasting changes in their lives.  I see changes being made on a cellular level.  I see medications begin to fall away in some cases. I see disease processes beging to slow down. I see control come back into peoples lives in relation to food. I see smiles and I see people feel proud of who they are.   You can transform your health by the food you choose to put into your body!!!


** The HCG Diet is not an FDA approved system for weight loss

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