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Getting Started with Phase III of the HCG Diet

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Phase 3 of the HCG Diet is the most important part!

I find that many of my HCG Diet patients feel quite nervous as they move forward into phase III.  They are fearful of eating more food and gaining weight.  I have facilitated nearly 2000 patients on this weight loss journey and I am often amazed at how easily patients maintain their weight loss when they follow the phase III guidelines.


Choosing organically grown fruits, veggies and protein sources is key.  Toxins in food can contribute to weight gain and therefore we advise that our patients eat as clean as possible.  On phase III, your food list opens up considerably.  You can have most all protein options, any vegetable that is non-starchy and low glycemic fruits in moderation (no more than 2 pieces per day).  On phase III, you can even begin to incorporate fats with some moderation.  There are absolutely no obvious carbohydrate rich foods on phase III such as breads, legumes, pasta, starchy veggies such as corn, squash, potatoes, parsnips, etc.  Depending on how patients do with the sugar in fruit they can have up to 2 fruits daily.  There is no dried fruit allowed as the sugar is too concentrated.


Watching the Scale on P3 of the HCG Diet


I recommend that my phase III HCG Diet patients continue to weight themselves daily on phase III.  This number that shows up on the scale can simply be information.  It can tell you if something you have been eating may not work so well with your body.  Often times, food sensitivities can go under the radar of the body even though their is some low level inflammation created in the gut.  This body will always send water to an inflamed area to keep inflammatory mediators dilute.  This extra water can show up on the scale.  Common food allergens are gluten, dairy, nuts, corn, soy, citrus, nightshades, etc.  If you happen to go 2 lbs over your last injection weight please consider a “correction day.”  My version of a correction day is the phase II menu plan in phase III amounts.  You could also choose to do Dr. Simeons steak day if that resonates with you.


Once you are on the maintenance phase, you can choose to weigh in weekly just to be sure you are in a healthy range.


Enjoying your Favorite Exercise on Phase III


Exercise is a wonderful thing to add to phase III. If you exercised gently in phase II it is time to amp up your exercise routine.  Living in a healthy body means that exercise is non-negotiable in your life.  Add in some weight training, cardio, yoga, etc.  Choose anything that feels right for your body and have fun with it.  Also, remember to stay hydrated.  Continue to drink at least 2 liters of water daily to keep flushing.


Enjoy phase III of the HCG Diet Program!



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