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Low Dose Naltrexone Plus Medical Weight Loss Program – SYNERGYrx

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What is the SYNERGYrx MEDICAL WEIGHT LOSS  Protocol? 

hcg diet portlandThe SYNERGYrx medically supervised weight loss program is a unique diet plan using a cutting edge formulation of AOD-9604 (anti-obesity drug), Naltrexone (low-dose), Methionine, Inositol, Choline and B-12 all formulated into a daily capsule.  A specific SYNERGYrx eating plan will also be followed along with intermittent fasting. Finally, in the “maintenance phase” or “lifestyle phase,” you will begin to slowly incorporate other foods back into your diet. You will have incorporated new and healthy habits into your daily routine.  Most patients find weight loss to be in the range of 1-4 lbs. per week which can easily be maintained with healthy diet and lifestyle habits. This program has been an amazing addition to The Natural Path medical weight loss program!

How often do you take the SYNERGYrx caps?

For maximum results, the SYNERGYrx capsules are taken daily on Phase 1 and Phase 2.  The protocol can be followed for up 6 months.

What are the Phases of the SYNERGYrx Weight Loss Program? How long can I stay on the program?

There are 3 phases of the SYNERGYrxWeight Loss Program.

The Loading Phase – two days of focusing on healthy fats as the main portion of your dietary intake. SYNERGYrx capsules will begin on these days.

The Fat Burning Phase – in this phase, the SYNERGYrx capsules are taken daily and the specific SYNERGY “fat burning” food plan is followed.  Many of our patients stay on the plan anywhere from 3 weeks to 24 weeks depending upon their health and weight loss goals.  Based on our research and clinical experience, it takes 30 + days to change habits and patterns in the body.  Re-creating habits and patterns is a particularly important part of this process.  After spending the last 2 years working closely with behavioral eating psychologists, we have learned the importance of TIME when it comes to resetting habits and patterns in the body.  We have also found that losing between 30-50 lbs. max in one round of the SYNERGYrx Weight Loss Program works best.  Allowing your body to take a break and maintain your new weight is important between “rounds” of the diet.

The Stabilization Phase – this phase is especially important in regard to maintaining the weight that you lost on the “fat burning phase” of the SYNERGYrx weight loss diet.  The SYNERGYrx capsules will no longer be taken.  This part of the plan involves a specific stabilization food plan and lasts for 3 weeks.

How much weight loss is expected on the SYNERGYrx Program?

The fat burning and appetite-managing ingredients in the SYNERGYrx capsule will begin to work quickly. However, noticeable weight loss usually takes a couple of weeks. In general, the scale will reflect a loss of 1-4 lbs. per week in most.  Everyone has a unique body and a different rhythm with weight loss.  We see transformational results in most of our patients. However, results cannot be guaranteed.  We find that most will lose an average of ¼ – ½  lbs. per day. The first 2 weeks, you may find the speed of weight loss is faster.  Some of this is water loss due to decreasing inflammation in the body and burning excess glycogen stores. This is an important first step!  Stalls are also very normal!

How do the SYNERGYrx capsules help with Weight Loss?

The effectiveness of our medically formulated SYNERGYrx capsules, alongside the specific SYNERGY diet food plan will allow for the bodies fat stores to be broken down and utilized for fuel.  The ingredients have the potential to allow the body to utilize energy more efficiently, boost immunity, suppress appetite, remove toxins, and break down fat stores. Please review page 14 of the manual to learn more about each specific nutrient in the formulation.


Every individual has different needs and goals.  The wonderful thing about the SYNERGYrx WEIGHT LOSS PROGRAM is that it is safe for most everyone.  If you would like to simply cleanse/detoxify your body; reset habits and patterns with food; or lose 5-100+ lbs. this program could work for you!

Are there any side effects to the SYNERGYrx Weight Loss Protocol?

With any medication, side effects are possible. This formulation is incredibly safe for most people. We do not use this protocol for pregnant and/or breastfeeding women.  With the SYNERGYrx formulation, most of the side effects reported are positive – we have seen rashes disappear; arthritic conditions improve; blood pressure and blood sugar normalize; cholesterol levels lower and patients simply feel better. Other conditions that we have seen improve with the protocol are colitis, allergies, ulcers, migraines, depression, hypoglycemia, and insomnia.  The “side effects” revealed by many patients on our program are the discovery of a new wardrobe, better lab results, more energy, ability to discontinue meds, optimistic outlook and a feeling of improved self-confidence and control. Low dose naltrexone has shown to help auto-immune conditions.


Very rarely, someone may have trouble sleeping, vivid dreams, a sense of nervousness, decreased appetite, abdominal pain, diarrhea and nausea. We do not use this formulation with anyone who is taking opioid medications of any kind. We also monitor those patients taking thyroid hormone to be sure we do not need to lower the dose through the protocol.

Will I be hungry on FAT BURNING PHASE of the SYNERGYrx program?

The SYNERGYrx eating plan helps the body to mobilizes fat and makes it available to the body as caloric energy and therefore, reduces appetite in most people. The food plan consists of only nutrient dense food and minimal carbohydrates. We believe that we can get most of the carbohydrates we need from vegetable sources. Most patients notice that the SYNERGYrx capsule diminish hunger. The mechanism of action is not understood at this time. Occasionally, people report feeling hungry during the first week on the program. However, you always have “free” foods that you can choose from. You are adjusting habits/patterns and your body is also cleansing and detoxing. We medically supervise our weight loss program to help trouble shoot any issues as they arise.  Most of our patients report little to no hunger and when hunger arises, they simply enjoy a meal. When you begin to practice intermittent fasting your body may need some time to adapt.  Overall, this is not a low-calorie program.  It is more about getting the proper nutrients for the optimal function of the body.


Dr. Cara has created the SYNERGYrx food plan to make it easy for those living the modern, busy lifestyle.  Most of her patients feel amazing on the protocol.  Occasionally, some may experience hunger, but this is the “rare” case, and she works with all of her patients as individuals to troubleshoot any issues that arise!  Again, this is not a low-calorie diet – it is a healthy caloric intake which may seem less than the standard American Diet.


Research now confirms that cultures who naturally consume a lower calorie diet have an increased life and health span. When you are burning FAT, you are unleashing caloric energy for the body to utilize as fuel.  This is the reason that most of our patients are not hungry and have great energy on the program.  The research on the CRON (calorie restriction and optimal nutrients) diet is amazing! Check it out.


Does the SYNERGYrx formulation interfere with any medications?

We do not allow anyone on opioid medications to follow this program. Otherwise, we do not see any contra-indications.

What if I cheat on the SYNERGYrx plan?


Cheating is not advised on this program. If you cheat, you might stall your results.  On this program, it is profoundly IMPORTANT that you do NOT CHEAT!  If cheating happens, re-commit and jump back on board the plan right away!


Is it important to choose organic, clean sources of food?

Yes! I believe it is important to have clean sources of food. If you continue to ingest chemical pesticides, toxins, growth hormones and antibiotics your health will pay the price over time.  Please make eating organic a priority! Google “dirty dozen and clean 15” to learn what fruits and veggies are the most heavily sprayed each year.  Please be sure all protein options are non-GMO, grass-fed and pasture raised if possible.


Does the Slim Shot Injection™ help with Weight Loss?

The effectiveness of our specifically selected lipotropic ingredients, alongside our SYNERGYrx  Diet program can assist your fat stores to be broken down and utilized for fuel.  These ingredients can allow the body to utilize energy more efficiently, boost immunity, suppress appetite, remove toxins from the body and break down fat stores.

Injectable formulations can enter the body and find their way directly into the blood stream without compromise.  Oral supplementation with these nutrients simply will not have the same effect due to the challenges with absorption and the first pass effect of the liver. It is also especially important that the nutrients are in the proper ratios in the formulation for optimal results.

Is the SYNERGYrx Weight Loss Diet for me?

Every individual has different needs and goals.  The wonderful thing about the SYNERGYrx MEDICAL WEIGHT LOSS PROGRAM is that it is safe for almost everyone.  If you would like to simply cleanse/detoxify your body; reset habits and patterns with food; or lose 5-100+ lbs. this program could work for you!

We like to see blood work within the past year and may require specific tests based on medical history.  We may also suggest cleansing first depending upon medical and medication history. This is not for children, pregnant/breast feeding women, type 1 diabetics, etc.  Dr. Cara will let you know if this plan is right for you.

Dr. Cara and the SYNERGYrx Physician Supervised Weight Loss Plan!!!

Dr. Cara has 15 years of experience in facilitating her patients very successfully through her weight loss program(s). This path of helping people lose weight and feel like the absolute best version of themselves is her deepest passion.  She makes a strong commitment to “show up” as a guide for all of her patients.  At the initial visit, she will conduct a full medical history, review lab work, assess current health conditions/medications; as well as provide a full body composition analysis.  She will look at you with a “whole person” approach and the program will be uniquely tailored to fit YOUR specific needs!

This path of medical weight loss is her deepest passion and commitment!  Your program will be medically-supervised and you will have guided support the whole way through.

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