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Medical Weight Loss Programs designed by Dr. Cara of Portland

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Dr. Cara has poured her heart and mind into the research of metabolic medicine and weight loss over the past 20 years. She has evolved and continues to evolve the original HCG DIET program created by Dr. Simeon’s in the 1950’s in Rome.  A few years ago, she began working with a brilliant compounding pharmacist to create the SYNERGYrx oral formulation. She is currently creating a program around the medication called Semaglutide. Dr. Cara is warm, kind and HELPS her patients LEARN about what creates fat storage on the body and what creates fat breakdown. She shows up and provides full support to all of the patients she takes under her wing and offers guidance and support as needed to all of her patients.


Dr. Cara offers two really wonderful programs that she is deeply passionate about. Both programs come from a culmination of nearly 20 years of clinical experience with weight loss and metabolic medicine. Both protocols are designed and facilitated by Dr. Cara. She is warm, kind, knowledgeable and very dedicated to her patients. Our weight loss programs work well for anyone needing to lose 7-100+ lbs. Hormone Pellet Therapy

The Evolved HCG DIET Weight Loss Program at The Natural Path

Dr. Cara’s modified version of the HCG diet protocol is by far our most popular weight loss program.  This protocol offers “quicker” results that can be  very maintainable for most of our patients when they stick with a healthy lifestyle plan!  Dr. Cara has spent the last 17 years evolving the original HCG DIET protocol to meet the modern day.  We often see results of 2-4 lbs per week for most.  The HCG DIET dietary protocol is a bit more strict on the 2nd phase of the program. The HCG Diet program involves a painless, daily injection of Rx HCG. The price of the initial HCG Diet Program visit is $295 and comes with the 1st 7 doses of Rx HCG. Each additional week that you choose to stay on the program is a $195 weekly program fee. You do not need to meet with Dr. Cara every week as she provides support via text/email to all of her patients as needed. She also reaches out to all of her patients every week to check in. Some do like meeting in person weekly and that works too. Most prefer to come in every 2-3 weeks. We do whatever feels right for you.


The SYNERGYrx Weight Loss Program at The Natural Path

The SYNERGYrx program offers a slightly more varied diet and slightly slower weight loss (1-3 lbs per week is normal). Many love this program as well!  This involves an oral capsule taken daily with a specific SYNERGYrx food plan. The initial visit for the SYNERGYrx program is $195 and the monthly SYNERGYrx program fee is $549. This includes 30 days of the SYNERGYrx formulation and 4 high potency B-12 lozenges or injections (your preference) to be taken weekly on the program. It also includes support from Dr. Cara via text/email/phone as needed.

Many of our patients use these programs for weight loss and some simply use them as a cleanse/detox every season as they are very safe and effective!  They are a wonderful way to reset habits and patterns with food and execute a healthier way of living and eating moving forward.

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