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Mentally Preparing for the HCG Diet Program

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Getting Your Mind in Gear for the HCG Diet


One common theme with our HCG Diet patients is …”Wow, this was not early as hard as I thought it would be!”  Most of our patients are pleasantly surprised at how hunger and cravings are not an issue in phase II of the HCG Diet Protocol. At the Natural Path, we make sure our patients are well informed and medically supervised through the entire process.  This is very important for the long term success of our patients.


Preparing the Mind for the HCG Diet Process

The first thing to do, is to sit down and committ fully to sticking with the program.  If you feel that having food in your kitchen that you will not be able to eat will ditract you … get rid of it.  Ask yourself … will this food even nourish me?  If the answer is no then it is best to get rid of that stuff. Junk food is really not food at all and there is nothing in there to nourish your body.


Keep some good books, quotes and pictures around you to remind yourself of why you have made a committment to your higher health.  Take photos of yourself as you move through the process and see the changes. Weigh yourself daily and watch the lbs go down.  Stay motivated and inspired on a daily basis.


HCG Diet Weight Loss Goals


As you move through the process, stay focused on what your goal is.  Never lose sight of your ideal goals with health and weight.  You can get there and we are here to cheer you on and be of support every step of the way!  See yourself exactly as you would like to be and feel how amazing that feels.  Gather support from those around you and most importantly believe in yourself!!!

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