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Phase III is a Critical Part of the HCG Diet for Weight Loss Maintenance

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The HCG DIet is a great way to lose weight and keep it off!

Perhaps there is not  a lot of studied research on the HCG Diet, however; there is very clear clinical data that shows the difference in weight loss maintenance in those that follow phase III and those that do not.  Dr. Simeons really had very little guidelines when it came to phase III of the HCG Diet.  He basically stated to keep sugars and starches out of the diet and to do this for the same amount of time that you were on phase II of the proto  What I have seen in my patient population of over 1000 HCG Diet protocols is that Phase III of the HCG diet is critical for weight maintenance.


Getting Started on Phase III of the HCG Diet … What you need to know


After you have completed phase II or the VLCD, it is important to realize that you need to take time to set this weight in.  Believe it or not, the first few weeks after phase II are very important.  If you are not careful, your body will actually want to gain back some of those pounds that you just took off.  You do not want those fat reserves to be replenished.  If you want to make true and lasting changes to your weight, you must be willing to make changes to your lifestyle.  The HCG Diet will help you to lose weight but there is no “magic bullet” to help you keep your weight off. Mindfulness is key in a world where food is simply in an over abundance.


Words of Wisdom — Be Diligent and Follow Phase III of the HCG Diet for atleast 3 weeks


Phase III of the HCG Diet is actually very simple and non-deprivational. The key is to not let “cheats” sneak in.  Human nature can be tough to contend with and in my experience when you allow yourself one cheat there are usually many more to follow.  Other than the carbs in phase III vegetables, fruits and protein souces you will not want any others to creep into the diet.  In many ways, this phase III HCG Diet protocol could be modified to become your new “lifestyle.”  We can just take the word “diet” out of there and begin to formulate your new “lifetyle diet.”


If you follow the protocol of phase III and have mindfulness (and some fun) with your food choices you will have no problem maintaining your new weight!

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