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SEMAGLUTIDE – 2 Years of Evolving our Program

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Semaglutide HCG DIET weight loss TirzepatideI love using Semaglutide as a tool to help my patients transform into a healthier version of themselves. I have implemented what I would consider a wonderful “lifestyle diet” that is non-deprivational to be followed while my patients are using Semaglutide. In this way, they are PRACTICING a new way of eating while the medication helps with the behavioral aspect of food. In this way, when they reach their goal weight, they have adopted a new way of eating, and when they transition off of the medication, they maintain their results with ease and mindfulness. I have been incredibly happy with the fantastic results I have seen through the program, including maintaining weight loss.

Mitigating Semaglutide Side Effects

I have spent the last 2 years doing in-depth research on Semaglutide, and overall, I am quite impressed with what this medication can do. Are there side effects … sure! However, I feel comfortable helping most of my patients navigate any side effects that may come up. I also find that side effects are minimized with a cleaner way of eating.  I also find that most of my patients “grow out” of most side effects with continued use. I provide full support to all of my patients, and if they are in need of guidance or support, I am a simple text, email, or phone call away to help them navigate the program.


Semaglutide can Take Away “Food Noise”

One common trend that I hear with my patients is, “The food noise is gone.” “This feels amazing.”  This is the part that really helps my patients make dietary changes. The magic is that once you have practiced a new way of eating for months – it will become your lifestyle if you stay on track. Most of my patients feel so much better eating clean that they choose not to go back to processed foods. I am so impressed with what these GLP-1 medications can do to help people with obesity, being overweight, and also food addiction issues. Learn more about our Semaglutide program at The Natural Path

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